Wednesday 30 September 2020

September 2020 | Monthly Wrap Up

 September, you have been a joy.

Favourite part?

At the beginning of September, I moved back in Newcastle and started setting up my new flat, with new plants, decorating, and finding any pieces of furniture we didn’t have in the flat already (Facebook Marketplace, you are my saviour!). As we’re now in local lockdown and I’ll be spending most of my time at home, I’m so glad to have such a comfortable and cosy environment. 


Before local lockdown, I was able to see a few friends. I went to the beach, spent a Sunday at the Baltic and the Quayside Market, and went for a lush lunch at The Ship Inn. 

I went for a walk around Jesmond Dene, and it definitely felt like autumn was here! If there’s one thing I’m hoping to be able to do more as a result of the social distancing, it’s trying to enjoy and explore the areas around me.

I’ve also treated myself to some of my favourite vegan takeaways in Newcastle, and oh how I missed them!

I joined my first Remake Community Call as an Ambassador. I learned so much and it was incredible to hear from so many active people, and to be a part of the launch of new and influential campaigns


One thing I’ve discovered this year and have been particularly enjoying this month are free online courses. Yes, yes, I am starting uni soon so I won’t be doing as many throughout the year, but I’ve been really enjoying having shorter bursts of learning on topics I’m particularly interested in or will be useful in ongoing projects I’m involved with. I particularly like using Open Learn as there isn’t a time limit on the courses and you can truly go on at your own pace more than on other platforms. Genuinely big up the Open University. I also attended a few of the webinars put on as part of Cosmopolitan’s Careers Festival.


I’ve been using this window of time before uni begins again to prep for the year ahead, so that I can hopefully make life easier for myself when I have to focus on my degree. I’ve been organising society and volunteering projects, as well as pre-writing and scheduling blog posts for later on in the year and even a few for next year. I’m so wary of overworking myself this year and am trying so hard to implement stronger boundaries so that I can have more effective time to myself and to relax. 


Best read?


I’ve not read much this month. I read a little bit of House of Spirits by Isabel Allende and listened to the start of A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf. I also started reading Dracula in preparation for studying it on a module this year.


Favourite listen?

I’ve been getting back into podcasts this month. I’ve been listening to them while I’ve been getting on with works. Some favourites include Remember Who Made Them, The High Low, No Country for Young Women, Grow and Glow and Small Steps Big Impact with Zanna Van Dijk. 


In terms of music, my classic dance party playlist as well as Taylor Swift’s folklore. 

Favourite watch?


I watched some greta things this year. Very late to the party, I finally watched I May Destroy You and wow, yeah I totally get the hype. It’s brilliant and I need to read loads of analysis articles about it! Bake Off is back, and it’s just joyous. I watched the new series of Ghosts (after rewatching the first series), and I just love these characters. 

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Other films I’ve watched include Book Club, Knocked Up, and Enola Holmes (which is very overrated but I don’t want to be really negative here so I’m just going to leave it at that).


We currently have a free trial of Now TV, and have been making the most of it! I watched Spiderman Into the Spider-Verse, Footloose, and have been watching a few of the earlier episodes of Game of Thrones. 

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I also attended an online talk by Angela Davis a few weeks ago and she was brilliant, as expected.


And yes, of course I’ve some rewatches, including Death in Paradise and Unforgotten. 


What did I learn?


That I’m actually doing a hell of a lot better than I thought. Things get better, even if they still aren’t necessarily perfect, and new starts, even if small, have a huge amount of impact. 


What’s happening next month?


I’ll be starting back at uni for the final time, and will have to figure out online learning. Several projects will be starting, and a few ending. Oh, and I also turn 21 in October. Not that that’s freaking me out or anything…


What’s been on my mind?

Ideas for blog posts, other articles and campaigns. I’ve also been thinking a lot about the increased anti-refugee and anti-migrant rhetoric across the UK and particularly in more local areas, encouraged and validated by the government. Angry and frustrated does not cover it. If you want to know how you can support refugees and asylum seekers, I made an Instagram post on the topic.

Favourite blogger/vlogger?


As always, I loved Leena Norms’ videos. I was also so happy to see pictures of Hannah Witton’s wedding as well as Melanie Murphy’s new baby! I also had a rewatch of loads of The Take’s video essays. I just love video essays in general. 


Favourite post?


I really enjoyed my Rachel Green OOTD, just because I love having fun with outfits and taking pictures. I also have a couple of other OOTDs coming over the next few months, so keep an eye out for those! 

I also loved writing Finding Your Style, as it’s something I think really impacts a person’s ability to make more conscious choices in regards to their clothes. 

Not a blog post but I have another article out in The Tab about how to make your food shop more sustainable!


Biggest inspiration?


Being in new surroundings, having more things to do, deadlines (non-uni related ones).

Any other favourites?

This may seem random, but I have a new system of making teas while I’m working which makes me very happy. I have a couple of small glass dishes from small microwaveable vegan sticky toffee puddings I absolutely love, and after washing them out, I now keep at least one on my desk in my bedroom at all times. As I like my tea quite strong, I bring my mug back into my room with me, get on with the things I was doing before, then can take the teabag out of my mug whenever I fancy, and whallah! I don’t have to keep smushing my teabag about in the kitchen for ages before I can finally have my cup of tea or get on with other work. It’s small things like that which make me happy…

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  1. Definitely sounds like you've had a busy September, so many memorable moments! Glad to hear you're doing well, and wishing you the best for your final year :)

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