Monday 31 August 2020

August 2020 | Monthly Wrap Up

Somehow its August? Did summer even happen?!

Favourite part?


Dare I say it, August may have been my best full month this year? Okay so I may have just cursed myself, but I feel like some things are on the up. I’ve been writing a lot, mostly blog posts that will be published throughout the year on topics I am passionate about. I’ve been trying to pre-writ things while I have both the time and motivation to, so that I’m less stressed about blog content when uni starts back again and I need to focus on my degree. I have also started writing for The Tab! My first piece was all about how students can be more environmentally friendly, and then my second piece – a critique of the recent Inside Missguided documentary - was featured nationally! Writing nationally was a learning experience I’m very grateful for and it was a proud moment for me. 

I actually left the house a few times this month. I know, absolutely wild! I went for an afternoon in my local town centre with my mum, doing errands, having a browse of markets and local shops, and had lunch in a small cafe. I even went into a charity shop for the first time since March! I had a great time and saw I dress I absolutely loved, but didn’t buy anything as we understandably weren’t allowed to try things on. 


I also went for a walk and catch up with a friend I’d not seen since the beginning of January. This was so nice, especially as I’ve not seen many people outside my family for months as I haven’t felt comfortable going on public transport, etc. 


Apart from that I’ve been reading a little bit, slowly packing my stuff as I prepare to move house, and spending lots of time with my cat!

Best read?


I’ve not read as much in August; I think mostly because I’ve been writing more. However, I have read more of Black Klansman by Ron Stallworth, and I started reading House of Spirits by Isabel Allende for a book club I help run. 


I picked up a couple of magazines while I was out and about this month. I don’t get magazines laods, but occasionally some issues catch my eye and I have a rifle through. I picked up copies of both Vogue and Glamour, and found it really interesting how they included articles on topics like masturbation, periods and decolonizing beauty. I have a lot of thoughts on them overall, so watch out for a blog post about them. I’d forgotten how relaxing it is to just sit in bed and read magazines. 

I would also like to highly recommend Annie Kelly’s recent article about sexual abuse in fashion supply chains. It can be difficult to read and is harrowing, but it is so important and needs to be shared.


Favourite tunes?

Taylor Swift’s folklore. My queen. She makes me feel things. I’ve also been cracking out my old ABBA playlist again. It’s always a good time for ABBA.

Favourite watch?


As usual, I’ve done a fair bit of rewatching this month – notably Good Omens, Outnumbered and Dear White People. Films I rewatched include Bridesmaids and Groundhog Day!


I’ve also been watching several new series: Umbrella Academy, Mrs. America and Never Have I Ever. I loved all of these, particularly the last two. They’re so brilliant for so many reasons. Honestly, the Mrs. America title sequence is a serious bop and I may have had a small dance party every time I started a new episode. There’s so much to say about Never Have I Ever (which I’ll expand upon in a later blog post). It’s so well written, so heartfelt and so funny. I’d recommend it to everyone!!


What did I learn?


I can do things and I am capable. I also figured out something I was asked about in therapy a few months ago, which gave me a bit of a boost. 


What’s happening next month?


I’m moving back to Newcastle! I’m so excited to have my own space again, to spend more time with my flatmates and friends there, and just all the things that come with moving into a new house. 


I have a month between moving into my new house and starting uni, so I’ll be using that time to prep for all the other things I do alongside my course (societies, volunteering, blog, etc.), get myself fully settled in to my new house, and start thinking more about getting back into an academic mindset and some kind of routine. 


What’s been on my mind?

Can we not talk about the state of the world for a little bit, thank you. (But also, Oatly you disappointed me god dammit.)


Favourite blogger/vlogger?


I loved Hannah Witton’s Wedding Q&A, especially where she was discussing feminism and weddings. It’s such an interesting discussion to have.


Favourite post?


August has had a fair amount of blog posts, and I am proud of them. My favourites are We Need to Talk About Privilege and Sustainable Fashion and Why Saving Libraries is a Necessity, Not an Option. They’re both such important discussions to be having and I put a lot of work into both (they’re basically essays). The post about libraries is so personal o me and actually makes me quite emotional as a topic, and I know that topic has the same effect on others too.

Biggest inspiration?

Is it bad to say knowing that I’ll be back in Newcastle soon? It’s been a massive motivator for me. I know I’ll have a new space for a new start, and can hopefully feel less stuck than I have been since moving home for lockdown. 

Any other favourites?


I’ve been using up one of my jars of Mindful Bites Dark Chocolate Spread on crumpets and it’s so good, although I do prefer the 'milk' chocolate one. Get me all the chocolatey goodness! Ooh and using dresses as tops! It may seem random, but honestly, this has given me so much joy recently. I have so many new outfits now.

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