Friday 4 September 2020

5 Online Secondhand Clothes Shops You Need to Follow

Buying clothes that are ethical and sustainable can be kind of hard, especially with many charity shops not running at full capacity at the moment. Internet shopping, and platforms such as Depop, do a lot to make ethical clothes more accessible to everyone. It doesn’t matter if you don’t live near a charity shop or vintage store, or don’t have the time to have a proper browse through one in person.  I love looking through secondhand clothes online, primarily through platforms such as Instagram and Depop, and I love discovering new online shops. So I thought I’d spread the love and share some of my favourite online secondhand shops! All of these sellers are on the platforms mentioned above, and some also have their own separate websites and sell on ASOS Marketplace. 

1. Seasons of Ella

I bought one of my favourite dresses from Ella-Louise (as seen in my Stevie Nicks inspired OOTD post), and her Instagram is one of my favourite accounts. She sells everything from dungarees, snazzy tops, . She regularly features outfits inspired by her favourite fictional characters (from Disney, Harry Potter, etc.), paintings (including Van Gogh’s Starry Night) and different decades, as well as showing multiple different ways to style one item.

2. Sooki Sooki Vintage

I genuinely don’t understand how Sooki Sooki Vintage doesn’t have more followers. They stock clothes from 70s to 90s, with a heavy emphasis on 70s and 70s inspired. Lapoze shares images from 70s, with images that inspire her, as well as the clothes she sells in her shop. Lapoze’s own style really shines through on both her Instagram and her shop. In May she started doing her first IGTVs and I love watching them. She has such an easy camera presence and I can’t wait to see what she does next!  

3. The Hippie Shake

Some of you may know that I am an absolute sucker for a bold pattern, and that’s why I am slightly obsessed with The Hippie Shake. On their Instagram, they share a mixture of photos from both the eras the clothes they sell were made as well as in the modern day. They also have some items they make themselves, with their patterns in maxi dresses, jumpsuits, crop tops and skirts! They do sales on Instagram every Sunday inspired by various fashion icons from the past few decades, including Cher and my queen Stevie Nicks. 

Their items are more expensive than some of the other mentioned on this list, so they may need saving up for, but I still love looking at their grid for outfit inspiration! 

4. Selena’s Shop

Selena sells vintage clothes primarily from 70s-90s as well as some homeware. Her shop includes lots of dresses of different styles, eras and colours, as well some tops, trousers, skirts, and even some shoes and swimwear. I do have to say that my favourite part about Selena’s Shop is the dresses she sells. They’re so varied, with different cuts, styles, eras, colours, patterns – and as I said above, I am here for all the patterns – and are always super bold. Plus, her dog Otis sometimes crashes pictures. Great clothes and dogs? Name a more iconic duo. 

5. Rebekah Peters

I love Rebekah’s outfits. Bright pattern shirts, stripes and a whole of red? What more could you want?! Rebekah makes everything look good, and frankly, I’m slightly in awe of how she does her hair and makeup. But it’s not her hair and makeup we’re here to talk about! Many of the outfits she puts together with her pieces are simple, yet so gorgeous, and she shows how some items can be used in different ways to adapt outfits. Expect to see lots of spots, stripes, monochrome, and as I’ve already said, red! I got one of my favourite pairs of shoes from her shop (my bright patterned boots) - I absolutely adore them and feel like they really express who I am, as well as acting as an easy way to jazz up any outfit. 

She even now has her own line of co-ords called byREBEKAHPETERS, each with different patterns and styles, and I would love to buy one when one in the right style and pattern for me comes out (and I'm able to afford it). 

If you want to check out even more secondhand clothing sellers, I have a longer list on my Fast Fashion 101 resource document, which you can access here. Have I completel left someone out who you think is amazing? Comment their shop and link below and I’ll add them to the resource doc!

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  1. I love Sooki Sooki Vintage and im also baffled as to why she doesn't have more followers!! Her stuff is amazing

    1. It is- more people need to find out about her!

      Jemima x

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