Wednesday 23 September 2020

Sustainable OOTD // Rachel Green Inspired

We all know that Friends is super problematic. However, that doesn't negate the fact that the characters in the show serve some serious looks throughout the series. Much of my What To Wear Pinterest board is full of outfits from Friends, with Monica and Rachel being frequent features. They're styles are fun and playful, but can also look pretty cool. I always feel a little bit like Rachel Green whenever I put on a mini skirt and wear my knee high socks, so this outfit is inspired by her. 

Jumper – secondhand fast fashion found on Depop, had nearly 2 years.
Skirt – fast fashion, had over 4 years.
Socks – secondhand fast fashion found on Depop, had over 2 years.
Necklace - not sure where I got this, had since I was a kid.
Earrings - had so long I can’t remember when or where I bought them, wear all the time
Shoes - high street, vegan, had since December 2019 and trying to wear more often.

Photos taken by Jude Crook.

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