Friday 28 April 2017

April 2017 | Monthly Wrap Up

April has been great. I feel like I’m getting somewhere.

Favourite part?

There’s honestly been so much going on this month, and that’s been mostly down to the Easter holidays and a little time to relax (although I’ve still been busy, a couple of hours extra sleep has been doing me the world of good).

I’m quite proud of myself as I managed to see a lot of my friends in the holidays whilst actually being quite productive and I think it was really healthy for me.

I went to Bournemouth beach for the day with a group of my friends, and while I did get a bit sunburnt and it was a bit cloudy, I had such a great time.

I saw Beauty and the Beast for the second time (it was just as good the second time round) and had a few cute revision days with friends in coffee shops as well as chill afternoons with pizza and cookies and parties. My grandparents came down for Easter and it was lovely to see them as I hadn’t seen them since Christmas.

A few projects I’ve been working on were completed this month, such as a zine called MASCARA that my friends Anna and Nicola and I collaborated on. We’re not selling it online yet, but if you know any of us IRL just message us and we can get you a copy! My friend Maisie and I also launched a podcast which I’m going to elaborate on later.

Best read?

This month, I’ve read Citizen by Claudia Rankine – a truly incredible book. Please read it. It’s often described as poetry but I think would be more of an amalgamation of genres. Truly amazing. I also read The Wasp Factory by Iain Banks as it is the book I’m studying for my English coursework and will probably be rereading it a lot. It’s good, although very messed up. Earlier this week I read a Graphic Guide on Thatcherism as part of the preparation for my EPQ. Interesting, giving me a good basis but not very detailed (as can be expected). In the past few days I started reading Everyday Sexism by Laura Bates – I’ll give you an update on that next month.


Favourite tunes?

This section’s getting a bit boring, isn’t it? You know the answer, I’m sure. The Beauty and the Beast and the La La Land soundtracks are, as per usual, on repeat for the majority of this month. For the rest of the month, ABBA’s been dancing in the background alongside Sign of the Times by Harry Styles.

What did I learn?

If I put my mind to projects, I can pull them off. It only takes time and hard work.

What’s happening next month?

May means one thing: exams.

What’s been on my mind?

Politics. A snap election was called in the UK and needless to say, I’m pissed off that I’m only 4 months off from voting. Can’t be bitter, can’t be bitter…

Favourite blogger/vlogger?

I’ve been loving both Lucy Moon and Daniel J. Layton’s VEDA’s this month. I love their videos normally, but I enjoy having an abundance of videos to keep up with.

Favourite post?

I feel really happy with what I’m posting at the moment, but I’d probably have to say Why Elle Woods is my Feminist Icon. I just love her okay!

Biggest inspiration?

I’ve been trying to pre-write all my blog posts for around exam time way earlier than I normally would, and I’ve written most of them by now. That’s been my main drive for that, but in other ways, I’ve been feeling really fulfilled and like I’m going somewhere – like I’m actually accomplishing things, which is helping me tremendously when thinking of new things to do and create.

Any other favourites?

This month I have been OBSESSED with the Guilty Feminist, a podcast hosted by Deborah Frances-White and her other co-hosts and guests. Please listen to this – please.


I’ve also been loving the Clarins Pure and Radiant Mask this month. I’ve been using it a few times and the small tester bottle that I’ve been using is nearly over so it’s time to say goodbye to it soon as it’s too expensive to buy normally. After using it my skin did feel a lot better after using it, so I’m going to try to use face masks more often, because who doesn’t need a bit of a pamper every now and again?

Downton Abbey has been back this month. I’m now at the beginning of series 4 again. Just before exams. Whoops.

I’ve been loving the new podcast that my friend Maisie and I have launched this month (plug plug plug). How could I say anything less than that? It’s called The Actor and the Writer and the first episode is now up on SoundCloud. Go follow us on there and on Twitter for further updates!

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