Monday 1 May 2017

'But Feminism's Just Man-Hating, Isn't It?'

One of the main misconceptions about feminism, I’d say, is that it’s just about women hating men – thinking they are better than them, superior in some way or another – and I just wanted to use this post to clarify that this IS NOT THE CASE.


Let’s whip out that definition of feminism again, shall we?

Let’s pick out the key word in there: equal. Feminism is not misandry. Misandry is man-hating, in the same way misogyny is women-hating, and while both are associated with feminism as they relate to inequality, they are not synonymous in any way shape or form. I guess that’s this whole post summarized in a sentence.

Yes, feminism has become mistaken for misandry by many in recent years, so much so that that has become a major stereotype of the movement – one that many people find it difficult to look past. That kind of attitude is very damaging, largely because it further stigmatizes discussion on gender equality and a close-mindedness that is resistant to change of any kind.

But we should think about why that stereotype came about. And we should learn from that to try to make the movement more transparent and accessible so that more people can join the fight and help bring our overarching goal one step nearer.

This stereotype has come around due to those who take on the label ‘feminist’ or even ‘radical feminist’ when their views relate more to misandry and speak in a way that is, for lack of a better phrase, ‘man-hating’, and thus meaning that whoever heard them say such things associate that ‘man-hating’ with feminism. A move incredibly difficult to reverse if left too long or without other feminist influences. I have also seen those who I would consider feminists to claim they hate men, but I know that they don’t actually hate all men, but more the concept or idea of men. The men who enforce the patriarchy and are the ones pushing women down – the more metaphorical men, although that does manifest in some individuals. I think it’s unfair when anyone who claims to hate men do so, because it’s not men they hate, it’s the patriarchy which systematically favours men. Yes, you may hate a man or two (most people do. Why? Because they’re frickin’ individual people), but I do think it’s unfair to make generalisations based on gender when we’re fighting against the exact same thing.

Equality people. Equality. Makes everything better for everyone.

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