Friday 8 September 2017

The Road to Veganism

Recently, I made the decision to go vegan. Having been raised in an environment where eating meat at least once a day was the norm, this decision was something very different from the lifestyle I had before, but I’m now very much aware that it’s possible.


I am not vegan yet. And I know that’s contradicting what I just said about making the decision blah blah blah, but I said I’d made the decision, not that I was perfectly plant-based yet. As I’ve been used to such a non-vegan lifestyle, part of which I must still hold onto while I live at home, I’m taking it slow. Currently, I’m going veggie – apart from the rare occasion (perhaps once a week, if that) where my family have a meal that can’t be made veggie – and being as vegan as possible when I’m eating separately from my family, although again, this isn’t very strict at the moment. Once I move out and am living a much more independent lifestyle, I plan on making my diet (and other products I use) as vegan as possible (although still within reason depending on what my budget can afford). In certain areas, such as my makeup, I am cruelty-free and am proud of that. I will always recommend the good cruelty-free brands that I use and actually might do a post on my tips for cruelty-free makeup in the future now that I think about it...

So, what are my reasons for going vegan? Well, since starting college I have had the great pleasure of meeting some wonderful people who have showed me how vegan living is both extremely beneficial for a number of ways and that it is most definitely doable (shout out to Charlotte and Lizzi for being so supportive and great at giving advice and showing me the ways, ily). Here is my reasoning for veganism:

1. The environment

51% of climate change is due to animal agriculture (source: The Guardian). This occurs through fuel used to feed, transport, house and harvest the animals and to grow the plants they are fed as well as the natural gases the animals themselves will produce. I am a Green supporter (as you can probably tell if you’ve read some of my previous blog posts or follow my Twitter) so the environment is one of my priorities. It is vital for everyone that we do our best to save it and veganism is one way of reducing our individual contributions to global warming.

2. Animal cruelty

This is a biggy, and the main reason that most people go vegan, although not really for me. Whilst I am against animal cruelty and think that it should be stopped in all forms, the threat of climate change and preserving our environment would mean that there will be no animals to even be cruel to if we keep going as we are. So to me, save the environment and we save the animals. Hit two birds with one stone (is there a vegan equivalent of that saying?).

3. Money

Obviously, there are lots of vegan options, mostly alternatives such as vegan cheese, which are quite pricey, though plain vegetables and veggie options are generally much cheaper than meat unless you go buying something exotic or rare. As I’m about to move out and start uni in the next year, I’m going to need to live as cheaply as possible and while it’s not my main reason for going plant-based, it’s definitely something that will be a massive benefit if I manage my food and finances well.

4. Health

There’s no doubt that vegetables are good for you. Since cutting out meat almost entirely from my diet, I have been feeling better within myself and I hope this continues. I am aware of potential risks if I don’t take care that I’m getting the right nutrients, so vitamins may be needed in the future (in fact I know my vegan friends take some daily) to ensure that I get everything my body needs, but I need to make sure that I don’t just eat loads of vegan junk food and all will be well. Also, I have just been informed (thanks, Charlotte) that diet apps such as My Fitness Pal are a good way of ensuring that you’re eating enough of the good stuff, so that will be something I do in the future.

So, for now, I’m doing my best to cut out meat and other animal products from my consumption as much as possible, although I’ not strictly vegan yet. I’m taking it slow and just doing my best so that I can figure out veganism my own way so that it suits me and my way of living. Will I ever be a completely strict vegan? I don’t know, but everything I cut out matters and makes a difference, so, for now, I’m taking the slow route.

If you want to hear pre-veggie me, my veggie friend Maisie and my vegan friend Charlotte chat about veganism on mine and Maisie’s podcast, The Actor and the Writer, then please go and have a listen!

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