Monday 12 June 2017

My 2017 Goals: Revisited

It's about half way through the year, so I thought it would be an ideal time to see how I was getting on with my goals for the year.

1. Visit 4 museums

So far, I’ve visited one: The British Museum, on a trip with my college in March. Hopefully, I can find some more perhaps a bit more locally to me, or maybe some of the free ones in London.

2. See 3 shows

Completed! I saw the UK tour of Billy Elliot in February with a group of friends, and it was incredible! I then saw 3 shows that my friends were part of: Consensual, Alice (as in, Alice in Wonderland, except a dance version) and Tomb with a View. Later on, in July, I’m going to see the UK tour of the Addams Family with some friends and I am so excited!

3. Finish my Silver Duke of Edinburgh

This one is nearly certain. I’ve nearly completed my 6 months of volunteering at my local library and, later on this week, will be going on my final expedition. Then I am done with D of E for good.

4. Have a final draft of my novel

Ha! Yeah, okay...

5. Visit a city I’ve never been to before

So far, this hasn’t happened. But in a few weeks I’ll be in Berlin with my college and later on in the year I’ll be heading to a least 4 new cities to visit prospective universities, all of which I can’t wait to explore and discover!

6. Finish my GoodReads book challenge

I seem to be on track for some of these ones, being already past the 50% mark. This should be easier with wider reading for my A levels and books I’ve been sent by some publishers for review along with my ever-growing TBR list.

7. Wear only makeup that is cruelty-free

I’ve done pretty well with this so far. I have only bought cruelty free makeup (a may do a post on that later on) and have got to know some of the good brands quite well I think, although I’m always open for new recommendations. I am still using up some old lipsticks and eyeliners that I had before, but eventually those will be finished (it will take a while for the lipsticks) and my makeup bag can truly be cruelty free.

How are your yearly goals going?

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