Friday 24 February 2017

5 Feminist Bloggers You Should Be Reading

I have a lot of love for a lot of feminist bloggers and I think it’s very important that we read posts on feminism, particularly in the current climate. There’s also never a bad time to support other bloggers, so make sure you all go and check these lovely people out.

1. Nerdy and Wordy

Minerva is such a wonderful human being! We share a lot of interests (including a strident love for Peggy Carter) and she discusses various topics, as well as frequently talking about her fictional female icons, which is such a pleasure to read.

2. Hannah Witton

I actually love Hannah. I think I’ve watched every one of her videos and would recommend them to anyone – young or old. The videos she makes spreads awareness and positivity on feminism and sex. Her relatively new series, The Hormone Diaries, is one of my favourite aspects of her channel. There, she talks about her experiences after coming off the pill and anything you could think of that comes under the topic of periods, contraception, etc. I am definitely going to buy her book Doing It when it comes out later this year.

She does have a blog as well, so she can have a place on here as both vlogger and blogger.

3. Cattitude & co.

Tara is the essential feminist blogger. She unabashedly talks about all sorts of taboo subjects and is a key part of the feminist blogger community. Tara shares my love for planners and organization and I have such a crush on her blog layout and pictures!

4. Tape Parade

Laila is a fantastic writer and very articulately discusses her points of view on pressing issues. I don’t feel like I can describe Laila’s properly. Just trust me on this, and read her posts.

5. A Fabulous Feminist

And last, but not least, my lovely friend Anna, whose blog name really should tell you the general theme of a lot of her posts. She’s such a great person and her writing certainly reflects that. I am a huge fan of Anna’s poetry – you can see some of it on her blog and more on her poetry Instagram account @wildpetals.

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