Monday 29 August 2016

Albums I've Been Obsessed With This Summer

This summer, there have been a few albums I’ve been absolutely obsessed with! They’ve been on repeat while I’ve been doing anything; from laying by the pool to sorting out my room.

1. Gold (+ More Gold) by ABBA

I’ve been a massive ABBA fan for ages. I love Mamma Mia! the musical and have watched the film so many times I can’t count. After seeing it live in the West End (oh my god it was so good!) I started singing ABBA songs almost constantly.There’s no denying it: I am the dancing queen.

2. Rumours by Fleetwood Mac

I first became aware of this album after I watched the episode of Glee it featured in. After watching it for the second time around the middle of the summer, I looked up the original on YouTube and have been obsessed ever since! Secondhand News, Songbird, Go Your Own Way and Dreams are standouts for me but I’m so in love with the whole album it’s ridiculous! My favourite thing to use as a soundtrack for a summer’s day.

3. We Are The Pipettes by The Pipettes

My family’s 2006 summer obsession was reignited in me after I discovered the CD lurking at the back of a shelf. A great pop album by a band that deserves way more attention! (Even though I’ve no idea if they are still together as this album did come out 10 years ago and, as far as I know, my family we some of the only ones who listened to it.) If you want fun, upbeat pop music, look no further!

What music have you been loving this summer? I'd love to have some recommendations!

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