Monday 8 August 2016

50 (more) things that make me happy

1. Nutella
2. The sound of rain hitting the roof over my head
3. Cuddles with my cat

4. Long baths filled with various Lush products
5. Discovering a new YouTuber
6. Musicals - both familiar and unknown
7. Watching Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dancing
8. Cooking a meal that’s actually really tasty
9. About Time

10. Watching someone laugh
11. Getting a new mug and becoming totally obsessed with it
12. Monster Munch crisps
13. New books
14. Properly jamming to a Disney playlist found on YouTube. I AM Elsa.
15. A day where words just seem to flow out of me and I write thousands of words
16. Homemade fruit crumble
17. Peggy’s comebacks and Sousa’s sarcasm in Marvel’s Agent Carter
18. Just Peggy Carter in general really
19. Beach days

20. Discovering new places
21. Falling in love with a new fictional character
22. Elizabeth Bennet’s wit
23. Mr Darcy, all I can say
24. Binge reading a load of poetry found on Pinterest
25. Looking at my planner and seeing how productive I’ve been
26. Adding stuff to my wall of stuff
27. Chick flicks

28. Catching the clock as it goes to the next minute
29. A constant supply of tea
30. Seeing old friends and new
31. A mother telling her child to “let the lady go past,” instead o f”let the girl go past,” when referring to me
32. Stacks of pancakes covered in maple syrup and bacon
33. Chocolate ice cream

34. Glee
35. When my make-up is on point
36. Wearing an outfit that makes me feel like a million bucks
37. Wearing my favourite snuggly jumper
38. Having clear skin
39. Knowing I don’t have to get up early in the morning
40. Long train journeys

41. The excitement nearly everyone feels when something to do with Harry Potter happens
42. Wearing my heels for once in a blue moon (They’re so pretty I can’t!)
43. New bedclothes
44. The fact that we call bedclothes, “bedclothes”. They’re clothes for your mattress. Love it
45. Seeing my reflection in a car mirror and I look bomb af
46. New stationary
47. New episodes of a TV show I love
48. Honey Cheerios
49. Hearing my cat purr
50. Empowering mugs

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