Monday 11 July 2016

A-Z of Me

So, I realised that I haven’t done a proper post that lets you guys get to know me a bit better - crazy I know, seeing as I’ve been blogging for over a year. Then I saw a few people do a get-to-know-me post in a style that was quite different and that I loved! So here we go:

A - Austen

Jane Austen, more specifically. A bit over 2 years ago my mum introduced me to the wonderful world of assemblies, Mr Darcys, boisterous upper-class relations and the rigid rules of Regency society and I fell in love completely. In fact, Pride and Prejudice is now my all time favourite book with characters that I could gush with love for hours.

(That goes for Bridget Jones’s Diary too - counts as the same thing right?)

B - Books

The loves of my life. My addiction. My one and only. Yeah, I’m a complete book nerd if you hadn’t guessed.

C - Crazy Cat Lady

My favourite animal and, to be honest, my cat is one of my favourite “people”. She’s kind of like my best friend. Oh god, that sounds so sad.

D - Doc Martens

My resident footwear since I was 12.

E - Eyeliner

The staple of staples in my makeup bag and my signature look. 

F - Fantastical Daydreams

I always find myself slipping off somewhere - probably to the world of my novel or another fictional land that I’ve created for a poem or will forget about later and nothing of.

G - Gus Gus

Disney films are also massive favourites of mine. Cinderella has my favourite soundtrack as it contains songs that have always seemed ridiculously romantic to me (So This is Love is probably my all time fave Disney song!). The side characters in Cinderella are some of my favourites too - I wish I could be friends with Gus Gus, Jack and all the other mice!

Cinderella Movie

H - Hermione

Like a lot of people, Harry Potter means a lot to me. I essentially over J.K. Rowling the person I am today as I think it was probably her books that led to my love of books and writing. A love I would be completely different without today. I identify hugely with the character of Hermione - the bookish muggle-born who doesn’t feel like she fits in well at first but can easily be herself around her friends.

I - I Made It!

I love baking and cooking. I make a mean Victoria Sponge if I do say so myself, and love to practise my favourite recipes learned from my parents.

J - Jemima

My name and the essence of me. Yes, I just said the “essence of me”.

K - KitKat

No, not the chocolate one you’re probably thinking of. I mean Catherine. Katie. KitKat. Tim’s little sister in the film About Time, which just so happens to be my all-time favourite film. It never fails to leave me feeling inspired and the soundtrack is also a massive favourite!


L - Logophile 

I am a massive lover of words. One of my favourite things to do is finding out new words and their meanings, especially if they’re long words with fancy meanings or meaning that you wouldn’t think there was a word for.

M - Marmite

LOVE IT!! I love it a lot. Yes, I’m one of those people. I just can’t get enough of the stuff!

N - Nutella

My snack of choice. Always.

O - Organisation

While I may not always be the best at it, I love any sort of organisation. I love the idea of my life being organised anyway. It's my ultimate goal in life.

 I have a planner that I used religiously during my exams and still use in an attempt at organising my days. Currently, it’s used mainly for blog posts and knowing when I’m away and when I’m meeting with friends. I’m steadily reorganising my room as it became an absolute mess during the exam period. It’s a lot better than it was and it’s getting more manageable. My ongoing battle.

P - Peggy Carter

My Queen of queens. Peggy is one of my absolute favourite fictional characters and my favourite characters from the Marvel Universe. I watched her show Agent Carter and was devastated when it was cancelled. Peggy is a rarity in comic books and in superhero films. She is an ordinary, feminine woman who stands her ground and fights her battles. I think, if she'd been given the serum rather than Steve Rogers, the war would've been won more quickly.

If you want to read my more in depth post about Peggy, click here.

Q - Quinn Fabray

My love for Glee is huge. It’s one of my favourite TV shows. It makes me laugh, it makes me cry, it develops all of its characters, is representative of many races, sexualities and identities while remaining a silliness that is an essential part of its nature.

R - Red

Red is my “accessory” colour. My favourite necklace, which used to belong to my great-nan, is red and I wear it with practically everything. That necklace has a lot of sentimental value and so means an awful lot to me. Also, red lipstick. RED. LIPSTICK.

S - Snowglobes

Whenever I travel to someplace new I try to pick up a new snow globe from that area. I’ve got quite a collection going now.


Time And Relative Dimension In Space. Yes, like most of the British population, I have a slight obsession with Doctor Who. When I say slight, I mean huge. Ugh, I just love it so much, both Classic Who and New Who. 

U - Us by Regina Spektor

One of my favourite songs by one of my favourite artists. I discovered her music after watching 500 Days of Summer and didn’t realise that The Call from Narnia was one of her songs too.

V - Violin

I started playing the violin when I was 7 and I love it! I now play my nan’s violin, which I call Sheila. Playing the violin is one of my favourite things to do and I love being in an ensemble!

W - Wales

I was born in Wales and moved away nearly 2 years ago. So, I’ve spent the vast majority of my life in Wales and it will always be my home.

 X - 

Well, this one’s stumped me. As far as I can think of, there’s nothing that relates to me that begins with this letter. I’ve let this post down! Never mind, hope you like Y!

Y - Yellow Sticky Notes

In my room, I have a pinboard which I initially covered with yellow post-it notes. On these notes, I wrote down interesting words and their meanings - a sort of library for rare words.

Z - Zzz

I love my sleep. If I could I would sleep like a lion. I love dreaming and often have lucid dreams, which are way more fun. I find it so weirdly great being aware that I’m dreaming. 

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