Wednesday 20 April 2016

The Unlikeliness of You | A Poem Response To Emma Blackery

Time and time again
I hear people complain
About how they’re ‘nothing special’,
Two words that make
My heavy heart fall
Into tiny little pieces - 
a mosaic on the wall.

You are something special
and there is nothing else the same,
Made of stardust: particles
I bet you couldn’t name.
The timelines that took you here,
The pathways that lead to your creation
Are incredibly rare.

What if your parents walked
Straight past each other
And never even talked?

Or your grandparents?
Ancestors who could never have planned
For you to stand where you stand 
Right now - 
Could never have imagined
They’d help create
The person you are destined
To be.

You are special and 
You are unique through
And through,
As the complete
And extraordinary
Unlikeliness of You.



So I watched Emma Blackery's video called Unlikeliness of You and she finally out something I often think about it words. This made me think about how I would express my feelings on the topic and I wrote this poem when my head felt too filled with schoolwork and I finally found the words to express the thought we shared.

I hope you liked this poem!

Jemima x


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