Monday 11 April 2016

My Top 7 YouTubers

I watch a lot of YouTube - like a lot of YouTube. So I thought I would talk about my favourite creators with you guys!

1. Carrie Hope Fletcher (ItsWayPastMyBedtime)

I’ve watched Carrie for years and it’s fair to say that she’s my favourite YouTuber - but she is also one of my favourite people too. I love hearing her speak, no matter what she’s talking about, as it’s usually something to spike interest. She’s always really positive and has helped me a lot to achieve the positive mindset I am now proud to have. I could honestly go on all day about Carrie, but then you’d be reading an epic novel not part of a blog post so I must move on… 

2. Tom and Gi Fletcher (Tom Fletcher and Giovanna’s World)

I was introduced to Tom’s channel through Carrie and didn’t realise they were siblings until they started doing their ‘Dear Tom/Carrie’ videos (I had just never connected them before!), and was then introduced to Gi and her channel after they got her to start vlogging! Although they are two separate people with two separate channels, I put them together as that’s sort of how I view them. They are in each other’s videos so much that they all end up blurring in to one in my mind really. I love Tom and Gi, they have a great relationship and that’s lovely to see - they’re so genuine and open and they too rapidly became some of my favourite people. They’re so funny and I love watching their family grow. It’s amazing to think that Buzz didn’t even exist when I started watching Tom’s videos!

Tom or Gi's instagram

3. Dodie Clark (doddleoddle and doddlevloggle)

Ugh, where do I start with Dodie? Her voice is beautiful for a start and I could play her songs on repeat all day (covers and original songs alike). Although she deals with depression, I find Dodie is one person (similar to Carrie) who can lift my mood really easily. She’s really genuine with her audience and keeps in many things that other YouTubers would call ‘outtakes’. 

4. Hannah Witton (Hannah Witton)

Hannah’s videos centralise around feminism and sex. She also talks about books and other things as well. I love Hannah; I find that she is really engaging and easy to listen to, which is probably because I’m interested in lots of the topics she discusses (as regular readers will know, I love discussing feminist issues!). She studied History at university and I love how she talks about history quite a lot too, seeing as that’s something that fascinates me a lot.

Hannah's blog's About page

5. Dottie James (thisbedottie)

Dottie posts videos of her saying the things that she has written. Her videos are all rather poetic, yet may not all necessarily be poems. She is probably the most creative person I watch and her voice is so soothing! She’s a massive inspiration for my writing and many of the concepts she explores really resonate with me.

Dottie's twitter

6. Lucy Moon (meowitslucy)

I think I was first introduced to Lucy through some videos she featured in on Dodie’s channel, and she in turn introduced me to Hannah Witton. I love her videos so much! She talks honestly and openly and, I don’t know, I love the way she speaks haha. Plus she never misses a chance to make a video arty, which is great.

7. Maja Anushka (Maja Anushka)

I’ve only recently discovered Maja but I think she’s brilliant. She talks about many topics that are really important to discuss and she’s great at getting point across. Also she’s really funny and open about many things, which make her videos even better to watch!


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