Monday 14 December 2015

When You Need to Shout and Scream

I find that I am more able to communicate my outrage at the little things in life with a loud voice and violent arm movements than I am when I try to use written words to convey my feelings. Somehow they don’t come out the way I want them to when I’ve written them down most of the time. But then again, I tend to stumble over most sentences I try to string together in speech.

However, somehow - somehow those trips and falls help me to show my inner frustration. I’m allowed to mess up because I’m speaking uncontrollably - speaking through my annoyance and anger. Verbal vomit that has a point.

Maybe that’s the nature of frustration - or perhaps it’s just the way our brains process it. Or maybe it’s only my brain that does this. 

I think that hand gestures, grunts and stutters (even when they are unintentionally done) show people how I’m feeling much better than a sentence barely hanging together by the seams. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes the written word can be the only way to get an emotion out of your chest and any random reader will be able to connect with you immediately. To be frank that’s most often the case. However, there are times when a good yell, scream or rant is needed. So don’t hold back if you’re feeling too full of emotion.

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