Wednesday 4 November 2015

I Wonder | Collab with Katieswaytohappy

I wonder what’s like to dance in the middle of an empty street at dusk? I wonder whether the wind would whistle through my hair as I jump up and down - whether a stranger, passing by, would dare to join me. Would the moon create a spotlight for me? Lighting up the dim and dusty tarmac. The old, fading road would become my stage. The music player made by the tap of my feet, the hoot of the night owl. Stage lighting edited and updated by the clouds moving across the flickering stars. Would rain burst down from the heavens? Splattering my face and my dancer’s feet. A flurry of birds, all shapes and sizes, clapping their wings and cheering me on as they line up on the branches of the trees around me - my own little concert hall.

Singing to the trees as they whistle back a tune that may be major, may be minor. It keeps modulating, between happy and sad, like the moods we have in our lives. Will the trees whistle a tune that will change our life this time? Or will the tune dampen our spirits? We don't know. It's ever changing, like the seasons. 

As we walk through the rain, will the clouds move to silhouette our walk? I wonder what it's like to skip through the rain, with your best friend and no one would be watching, except the owls that whistle, like the trees. I wonder whether the birds would stop in their flight and watch us, floating like an apple bobbing in the water. 

I wonder what it is like to picture your future and for it to come true. For it to be different to what we expect would not occur, because we had predicted what hadn't happened. A fatal turn, perhaps, or maybe a jump that saved our lives.

Who knows, I wonder could become I remember. You just have to make it happen. 


This post a collaboration with my friend, Katie, who blogs at Katieswaytohappy! We each wrote part of the post and was really fun to do. Head over to her blog to read the other post we wrote!

Thanks for reading!

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