Monday 2 November 2015

A Brief Understanding

There are things I no longer wish to understand:
Why people feel the need to hate. To antagonise. To taunt.
Why the world seems to choose a certain path for us all - sometimes we are unknowing and ignorant of it; sometimes we are not.

But there are some things I still crave an understanding of:
What happens to us once death has wrapped its cold arms around us, and welcomed us into it realm?
Why we, as humans, thought up the concept of an afterlife in the first place? Where did it come from?Who, or what, inspired it?
Where, exactly, do emotions come from? All that happiness, jealousy, love, hatred, panic and pain must come from somewhere. Our most human ingredient has to have a root, rather than sprouting from nowhere.

I want to know how we imagine. The vivid images in my mind fill my life with colour, with light and joy. I can sense new characters - meet people who do not exist. I create worlds and lives… But how?

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