Monday 23 November 2015

How to Be Attractive | What Do You Find Attractive?

All over the Internet there are articles, videos and How-Tos, all instructing us how to look and how to be more “attractive”. We are told from magazine articles how to get the perfect face and body, by artificially tweaking them. YouTube only adds to this mess with videos entitled ‘What Guys Look For In Girls’ or ‘How To Get Your Crush To Like You’.

These are instruction manuals young girls/boys go to when they feel self-conscious or inadequate, when they have everything already built, it’s maybe just not polished yet. 

No one is perfect, particularly when you are a teenager or of an age between 11 and 13. It is at this age that we are experimenting with different aspects of our personalities and bringing them to light. We are growing into ourselves - we have spots and freckles and we’re not comfortable in our skin for the most part. We are children expected to act and look like adults.

We given a set of guidelines that show us how to behave and present ourselves in order to be appealing to someone else. These guidelines could be the complete opposite of what your personality or natural looks are - but the rules are still the rules. No one cares.

But we care - the ones who suffer at the hands of society’s stupid guidelines. The people who cannot conform to rules. We don’t have perfect hair or teeth. Our complexions aren’t clear and even and our body is covered in constantly growing hair.

So, according to society, we will never find someone who is attracted to us. We will live out the rest of our lives in complete solitude. 

Oh, how wrong society is.

There will be someone out there who finds you attractive - no matter what you look like or what your interests are. Just because you’re not a tall blonde supermodel with great legs, doesn’t mean you won’t be found attractive or won’t be loved. Someone may not find that attractive. 

Everyone finds different things attractive. It’s a fact of life. And we shouldn’t let a set of guidelines make us feel inadequate - because we are far from inadequate. You are far from inadequate.

Attractiveness is completely subjective - so just because one person doesn’t find you attractive doesn’t mean that you aren’t. One person could hate strawberries, but for others it will be their favourite food.

Found on the Cosmopolitan Snapchat

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