Friday 20 November 2015

5 things I have learnt so far this month

This month has been hectic. Seriously. So I thought I would share some of things I have learnt with you.

1. Writer's Block is real!

I have been staring at the document of my novel, unable able to write another word. I’m not sure what has caused this but I hope it’s over soon.

2. It’s good to read a kids’ book every now and then.

I finished reading James and the Giant Peach today and I forgot how much I love Roald Dahl’s writing and the imagination he puts into his stories. Absolutely brilliant.

3. One good book can get you back into books again.

Over the summer I read a few bad books and that slowed my reading down quite bit. Well, they weren’t bad as such but they felt tedious and didn’t excite me, causing me to fall behind on my yearly reading goal. However, this week I read a book that I really enjoyed and read quickly as I found it to be hilarious and interesting. Caitlin Moran you genius!

4. Good organisation will help you immensely.

Getting things done and dusted in plenty of time frees up spare time and I’ve been able to relax a lot more.

5. Chocolate is great.

Well, I didn’t really learn that this month but I have been reminded of it. No explanation needed.

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