Monday 5 October 2015

Why I Love Coffee Shops

There’s something about coffee shops – big brand and independent – that I really love. They fascinate me.

One of my favourite things to do is to just sit, preferably with some tea to hand, and people watch. For coffee shops are, well and truly, the best place to do so. Coffee shops attract people from all walks of life; people who are so very different to myself, yet are, almost certainly, similar to me n more ways than one.

There are old ladies and new mums meeting up for a catch-up over cake, noisy families trying their hardest to quieten down their little ones, couples – both young and old – best friends, gaggles of teenagers coming in after school, and there are those who work in solitary, with their computers and notebooks stretched out across a table. All of whom have voices that carry through the air to anyone who happens to be listening.

I know it’s often deemed bad to eavesdrop, but I find that it’s my best source of inspiration. From brief snippets of overheard conversation we can learn so much about the way we work as humans. To hear the funny things the people around me say and do; the stories they tell and the emotion and drama they tell them with, is a real treat.

At some point, when I am listening to a group, I will always end up with a smile on my face. Humanity never ceases to amaze me. Whether it’s a little kid and their mother, or an insignificant, all-important chat amongst friends. Greatness, kindness, happiness and love are integral, vital, ingredients of making us human.

And coffee shops are, and will probably always be, the best place to view that. In all its flawed and beautiful glory.

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