Wednesday 7 October 2015

Autumn Fever

It’s reached that time of year again, when the leaves turn yellow and become crisp and fragile. The rain decides to fall down announced only by the moody sky, ready to pound the ground and our homes ruthlessly. The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer – shortening our time outside, and forcing us to turn on extra lights so that our houses look like little mini suns -  glowing and shining a yellow colour. The air has gotten colder luring us back indoors where we stoke our fires.

Honestly, it’s my favourite time of year. Everything just seems better in the autumn. Don’t ask me why, for I could not tell you. But there’s something in the air… something indiscernible that makes the world of difference.

Maybe it’s the thought of the Christmas drinks coming back onto the Starbucks and Costa menus, or the pre-Christmas buzz that seems to be present everywhere you go – I just know that I love everything about this time of year. And a lot of my friends do too.

Summer can tend to be too hot. Sweltering and sticky days await us, even here in the UK. Something that, certainly for me, is not desirable in the slightest. I hate humidity and honestly prefer a good night in, wrapped up in old jumpers with a large mug of tea, than out in the ridiculous heat.

Not that I don’t like the summer. It’s just that, for some reason or another, things seem to be more awkward and inconvenient in the summer.

We all seem to look forward to the time when autumn comes back around again. (Once September is over and done with usually, for those of us still at school.) It’s a general love of this time of year that fills us all with happiness – however rainy it may be.

The colours of the season bring the world alive, when really the opposite is happening. Golds and browns and yellows and greys; these colours are beautiful and captivating.

Maybe, in the end, that’s why I am in awe of Autumn.

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