Monday 25 May 2015

The Horrors of the Hangry

    I… I am a member… of the terrifying cult of The Hangry. I scream at passing birds for simply singing and see red when my brother moves, all because I haven’t had a sufficient amount to eat that day. I am not proud of it, and I certainly would change it if I could.
    But that’s the thing: “if I could.”
    I sadly can’t change that aspect of myself. It’s just how my body works.

    I’m so sorry Mum for when you’ve had to cope with me or Dad yelling over the noise of our rumbling stomachs. I’m sorry to my friends and classmates who have had to listen to my rantings about the lateness of our lunch break and who have to watch, helpless, as I slowly and steadily morph into a furious, green (and extremely hungry) Hulk.
   All I ask is for your forgiveness. The forgiveness of anyone who has seen me in, what is possibly my most horrible persona. Please understand that I do not choose to be like this. Please understand that I cannot control it and it’s really not my fault. And above all: please know that I sincerely do not mean any of the things that I say when I am hungry. I tend to shoot insults at anyone who happens to be there and shout without realising it. I can become a disgustingly nasty person at these times, but the majority of it is really just my complaining tummy pleading for food.
    Just, please – let me say this.
   Thank you.
   Thank you for sticking by me and comforting me when my stomach is as bare as Mother Hubbard’s cupboard. Thank you for continuing to be my friend despite the arguments that we all know will come in the run up to lunchtime. Thank you for not insisting that you need to share my food or letting me have a little of yours when I need it. Thank you for feeding me and caring for me and knowing what in need in those dark times. I honestly could not be more grateful.
    And those you are like me in being members of The Hangry Club: keep battling the hunger and try – for heaven’s sake try! - to be patient and nicer to the people around you. I know – believe me I know – it’s not easy but with enough will power I know we can make those dark, starving moments a little lighter.


Do you guys get hangry? Let me know in the comments!

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