Friday 3 December 2021

November 2021 | Monthly Wrap Up

I have been exhausted in November but I have also been pretty happy. I just need to keep forcing myself to physically take breaks and rest.

Favourite part?

I continued my new trend of beginning the month with an action by spending four days in Glasgow at COP26 with Green New Deal Rising. It was an incredible few days that will stick with me forever. We painted banners, took part in two marches, danced a lot, rocked matching outfits, and learned a lot from each other. I left extremely physically exhausted and with a cold but with so much energy in my heart and soul. I have so much motivation for what the future holds with GNDR and the rest of the climate movement and what we can achieve. I cannot wait to see everyone again at actions soon! 

Photo credit: Green New Deal Rising 


I spent a lot of time trying to rest after COP and to be honest I still feel like I’m trying to catch up on rest from then. I read some more, starting rewatching some old faves, and spent a lot of much needed time by myself for a while. 


The in-person sessions of the refugee support and solidarity organisation I’m involved with started back again in November, and it has been so wonderful seeing everyone in-person again. Seeing both the learners and volunteers again after so long has been so comforting and exciting. I didn’t realise how much I’d missed them until we were back. 


I’ve been spending more time working in coffee shops and cafes as well as actually in uni. I’ve been loving the Black Forest hot chocolates and peppermint tea as well as the occasion snack if I’m feeling fancy.


It’s felt quite hard to see my friends lately but I’ve actually managed to see them more than I thought! I’ve been out for cake a few times, tacos and cocktails, as well as lunch with a friend who was up in Newcastle visiting for the weekend! I also went down to Leeds to celebrate my friend’s birthday with an Otley Run. We made it despite Storm Arwen and had a great time dressed up as musical icons.


Right now I’m quite tired again, trying to keep on top of everything as well as taking care of myself. I frankly need more rest, but I’m trying to find time for that wherever possible. 


Best read?


I’ve read quite a lot this month. I feel like I’ve had a bit for a reading slump for the best past few months – basically since uni and work started picking up again after the summer – but I think I’m getting back into my groove now. 


I finished reading Are Prisons Obsolete? By Angela Davis on my train to Glasgow and I can just say it is a wonderful and insightful book that I want everyone to read. 


Another book I want everyone to read! This may be a theme of this month’s book section… Consumed by Aja Barber is an accessible, nuanced, and intersectional analysis of the modern fashion industry – its roots, how it damages most people, how we view consumption and wealth, and how we can take action to tackle the inequalities embedded within the system. If you’re looking to learn more about fast fashion and sustainability, start here and pair it with Loved Clothes Last by Orsola de Castro while you’re at it! 


I then read Make Bosses Pay: Why We Need Unions by Eve Livingston which is fantastic. I couldn’t put this book down and got so involved in what Eve was writing. It is essential reading for anyone who works (i.e., everyone) and particularly young workers. It got me so energized and pumped up about workers’ rights. But hey, what’s new? 

I read The Law and the Lady by Wilkie Collins, which will be the first book I write an essay on as part of my master’s. It features one of the first lady-detectives who is of course determined to clear her husband’s name from the charge of killing his first wife (spoiler, he is apparently innocent but somehow I’m still not convinced). 


I’m currently two-thirds through Behind Closed Doors: Sex Education Transformed by Natalie Fiennes, which is a gold-mine. There is so much information in there, from graphs to stats and fun facts, and my sex-ed/history nerd self has been loving it! 


Favourite listen?


It has probably not escaped your notice that there have been several new releases in November. First up, Red (Taylor’s Version) rocked the world. Red is probably my favourite Taylor Swift album and it was so exciting to hear those songs in a new way, as well as to get obsessed with the songs from the vault from that era. The Very First Night is such a good dance party song. 


30 by Adele also came out and it is glorious. Honestly, glorious. It’s so well written and is just brilliant. But then again what else would we expect from Adele? 


I’ve also been listening to Between Us by Little Mix which also came out in November, especially the new tracks included on the album.


The Good Omens soundtrack has become one of my new albums to listen to while working. It’s also getting me very excited for the new series! 


Favourite watch?

I’ve been watching The Americans but have had a bit of a break to rewatch New Girl for the 15th time. It’s getting a bit sad at this point. 


What did I learn?

So much through my time in Glasgow with GNDR that I don’t feel like I can fully express.


What’s happening next month?

The taught part of my postgrad finishes, so from then it will just be me and my supervisors and me trying my best to have some kind of structure in my life. And I’ll be visiting my family for Christmas (potential lockdowns allowing)! I’m really looking forward to spending time with them as it has been about four months since I last saw them in person. I’m also buzzing to give my cat a massive squeeze! 


I’m also going to be a guest on Remake’s December Community Call – look forward to chatting with any of you who will be attending! 


What’s been on my mind?

Frustration at our government, as always. And just trying to get everything done I guess. Hoping that I’ll be able to get back home for Christmas with any more weather or coronavirus issues.  


Favourite post?

Definitely Where was Fashion at COP26? I put a lot of time and effort into this piece and it was valuable to me to write to go over the fashion events at COP and reassess where we’re now at. 


Biggest inspiration?


Honestly, COP. Not the actual event. The governments and officials there can do one frankly. But the people I met and spent time with there are part of GNDR gave me so much energy. I’ve never really had an experience like it and trying to describe it to people has actually been quite difficult. I came home from Glasgow with so much energy, so much joy and so much motivation. The outcomes of the formal conference may not have been inspiring, but the people all around the city were that and so much more. 


Any other favourites?

I managed to crack a few tricks with my spinning plate this month and I’m not sure I’ve ever been prouder of myself (yes, and that includes when I finished my degree). It feels like I’ve been trying and failing and doing tricks with my plate for so long (several months) and now I can’t stop doing them. I may be slightly obsessed and have found a new procrastination method…  

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