Wednesday 5 May 2021

Sustainable OOTD // May the Fourth Be With You

Happy May the Fourth! Well, that’s slightly late, it was in fact Star Wars Day yesterday, but nevertheless we celebrate! Star Wars Day is the perfect opportunity to have fun with clothes and try to embrace the look of some of our favourite characters from a galaxy far far away. Dressing up as characters is something I find really fun (as you may have seen from previous outfit posts!), especially when the outfits are everyday outfits as well. To me, dressig up as Leia has become a bit of a tradition, first with doing my hair and outfits when going to see the newer films, and now Endor Leia is my favourite look to replicate on this day of celebration. 


Leia means a lot to me as a character. Watching the Star Wars films growing up, she was badass, in control and directing the forces (pun intended) of resistance. In the scene where she died I blubbed in my cinema seat, and while I may cry a lot at films a full on blub is a bit rarer. I reacted a similar way to hearing about Carrie Fisher’s death, which is very rare because celebrity deaths don’t, on the whole, affect me that much. She meant a lot to me then and still does now. Both Carrie and Leia will always have a place in my heart and May the Fourth is the perfect time to celebrate both the real person and the character she portrayed and remember what they both stood for. 

Top – vintage found on Depop nearly 3 years ago


Skirt – old fast fashion, owned for at least 5 years maybe longer


Earrings – new from Soleil Store, bought on their Depop shop over a year ago


Necklace – Women in Hebron, bought over a year ago


Boots – vegan Doctor Marten’s, bought new 1.5 years ago

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