Monday 1 March 2021

February 2021 | Monthly Wrap Up

February, you may be short but you have felt like an age!

Favourite part?


The final semester of my degree in a pandemic isn’t exactly the most riveting to talk about. I’ve spent most of my time at my desk, in my room on my computer or reading one of the texts I’m studying, and then not going out in the evening. Wild stuff. 


This month has felt almost like two halves. Earlier on in the month we had the week of snow, which looked amazing and boosted my mood, but I couldn’t go out so much as when I did I slipped over! Typical but I can manage. Later on in the month the warm weather and sunshine has made me excited for spring and summer and has definitely made me more hopeful. 


New developments in some newer projects for N.E.S.T (a voluntary group I work in) launched this month! They’ve gone really well and it’s exciting and motivating to see new volunteers get stuck in and be as enthusiastic as myself and the other leads are about these projects and their participants. 


There have also been some new developments of future plans! As of this month an internship I was offered earlier on was confirmed, which I’ll be starting in early June. I also have a new house sorted for once my current tenancy is finished – that means that no matter what I end up doing once I graduate (full time job, masters, etc., I’m still undecided), I’ll still be in Newcastle for it! I know it’s not exciting things happening right now, but having things to look forward is certainly what I need right now. 


Apart from that, it’s the usual lockdown stuff. I don’t imagine anyone’s life is particularly exciting right now. Life’s mostly uni work, eating, spending time with people I care about, and trying to remember to move my body and go outside. 


Best read?


I have so many books I would love to read for fun but right now I’m just reading texts for my course – which I am enjoying, don’t get me wrong, I just want to read Orsola de Castro’s new book straight away rathe than having to wait 3 months! 


I’ve read Fantomina by Eliza Haywood, which I really enjoyed, and Pamela by Samuel Richardson, which I enjoyed a bit less. For another module, I read Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackeray, which took me ages to read because it was so long (nearly 700 pages woop!). I’m also just over half way through Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, another long book which I’m actually loving!


Favourite listen?

In terms of podcasts, I’ve been catching up on episodes of The Guilty Feminist, listening to the new week’s Desert Island Discs and loving the new series of The Yikes Podcast.


Music-wise, I’ve been very late and listening to Harry Styles’ latest album. I’ve also been listening to more of 1989, and songs by Sixpence None the Richer. 

Favourite watch?


This month I watched Late Night for the first time, which I missed out on when it was first released. I absolutely loved this film and can’t wait to be watching it again. The actors are great and it’s so well written. I loved it!


I also rewatched Saving Mr. Banks for the first times in ages, and it’s just as good as ever. I love everything about that film.   


I’ve been watching old faves such as Outnumbered and Grey’s Anatomy (here’s to Disney+ Star). These are such good comfort backups and are the shows I need right now. 

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What did I learn?


Sometimes you just need a massive cry to feel a bit better. Flowers and bright colours help make things better, and I can actually do better than I think I can. 


What’s happening next month?

Mostly essay writing and writing the third chapter of my dissertation. Massively exciting stuff! 


Later today, I’ll be a guest on Remake’s March Community Call discussing community engagement, particularly in relation to my recent events with my university’s FemSoc! This is a huge deal to me and I still can’t quite believe I was asked! There are also a few more exciting things happening with Remake this month, so keep your eyes peeled! 

Today is also St. David’s Day, so I’ll be celebrating after the Community Call with some Welshcakes!


Later on in the month is my university FemSoc’s Digital Feminist Summit, a weekend full of events and guest speakers. It should be a great weekend and I’ll be leading one interviewing Ruby Rare with my friend Taya! 


What’s been on my mind?

Deadlines, restrictions easing (and being both anxious and excited about that), generally keeping afloat. You know, all the fun stuff. 


Favourite blogger/vlogger?

This is probably getting boring but again Leena Norms! Let’s be real, spending time reading on a screen isn’t fun after a day of constantly reading on a screen, so I haven’t read any blogs in a long time. I find watching series, films or YouTube videos that I know will be comforting are the kind of things that are useful to me right now. All I have energy for in the evening is vegging. 


Favourite post?

With my current workload and having run out of previously scheduled posts, February only saw one blog post (other than this one!). I may have only one answer to this question but I really enjoyed it. I’ve been wanting to share an Old Fast Fashion OOTD post for a while as I think it’s something really important to discuss and share. 


Biggest inspiration?

Not very exciting but nearing the final deadlines of my degree and the prospect of seeing my friends and family soon.

Any other favourites?

I’ve been trying some new recipes this month! I have a new love of baked oats, although they take a bit too long to do for a regular breakfast. I also made a carrot and walnut cake that I was really proud of and which turned out pretty well. I’m looking forward to making more of these and sharing them with pals!


I’ve also been loving the Shmood Candle I bought last month at the FemSoc Eco Market. I got the ‘Energize’ candle and it’s actually been helpful in getting me focused in the morning! I reckon I’m going to get more of these candles in the future! 

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