Friday 5 April 2019

5 Ethical Influencers Pt. 2

Hello folks! This is the second instalment of my three-part series where I share some ethical influencers I think you should be following. The last post seemed to be quite helpful to some of you, and I hope this one can prove useful too!

1. Zanna van Dijk

I found Zanna through a video she did with Venetia Falconer, who was featured on my last ethical influencers post. As a co-founder of the ethical swimwear brand Stay Wild Swim (whose products are produced out of recycled ocean plastics and which I would love to be able to afford one day), Zanna highlights issues around plastics and veganism. She does focus a lot on fitness and healthy living as well as travel, but that often includes ethical alternatives and tips including fitness wear and healthy plant-based diets and making the most out of unsustainable means of travel in order to reduce impact. Something I like about Zanna is the fact that she is so open about the fact that she is not perfect when it comes to sustainability. This is something I hope I also project on my blog. I did not go completely vegan overnight and that is the reality for most people largely due to practicality, finances and health. And anyway, in the world that we live in, the idea of completely sustainable and ethical living is simply a myth. 

2. The Chickpeeps

This podcast was so useful to me when I was transitioning to veganism. I am such a podcast person, so I am always looking out for new ones to listen to. So when I found out that Evanna Lynch (aka Luna from Harry Potter) had started a podcast all about veganism with some of her friends, I downloaded some episodes straight away. Each week they discuss a different issue within veganism, bringing in different guests, often experts such as owners of vegan businesses or ethical innovators of another sort, as well as providing personal insights, experiences and advice. Honestly, some of the stuff they talk about is fascinating, the episodes that stick out in my mind is the ones about cheese and vegan pets. If you’re in need of some info, here’s where to go. 

3. The Happy Pear

I have to admit, I haven’t actually seen much of the Happy Pear myself, but they are absolutely huge in the vegan online world. They have a range of products which have been widely available in their home country of Ireland for a while now, but are gradually becoming more available elsewhere (i.e. the UK, due to my experience I don’t know about any other countries). I first learned about them after they appeared on the Chickpeeps podcast, and saw them again on Venetia Falconer’s YouTube channel and otherwise heard of them through word of mouth. I have watched some of their YouTube recipe videos, which all look so tasty, as well as reasonably easy and affordable. Their mac and cheese is one I particularly have my eye on, as it seems to be one of the only vegan mac and cheese recipes I’ve found which seems pretty straightforward and doesn’t involve any ingredients which I have no idea where on earth to get them (garlic and onion powder, I’m looking at you). 

4. Amy the Vegan

Amy is the Queen of vegan twitter. I always make sure to read her threads, whenever she posts a new one. She discusses a wide range of issues surrounding veganism: the many reasons for going vegan, recipe, tips and tricks, the sometimes problematic discourse and attitudes within the vegan community as well as levels of privilege which are often associated with and are present surrounding veganism. She provides useful stats and evidence which acts as a reminder or motivator for continuing and pushing for an increased awareness and implementation of veganism. Particularly, useful is her discussions around veganism on a budget. With a budget of £10 a week, she has definitely helped me figure out how to reduce spending, as well as smashing the idea that in order to be a healthy vegan you must have plenty of money. Her YouTube videos and Twitter are just great. Go follow the Queen of 

5. Silly Ginger Vegan

I mostly keep up with Amy through Instagram. She posts new stories most days with all sorts things, ranging from vegan news, food she’s eating, events she’s going to, on plastic reduction and a whole host of other topics. I’ve found so many places I want to go to and products I want to try thanks to Amy’s sharing of them. I may not have tried the majority, but hopefully I’ll get to some of them at some point! Amy’s feed is especially useful if you’re in London or the surrounding area, she is based there and largely features events and business which are in that area.

Have you got any other recommendations? Please share them below!

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