Monday 1 October 2018

September 2018 | Monthly Wrap Up

September has seen big changes in my life. Let’s talk about them.

Favourite part?

At the beginning of the month, my friend Amy and I went up to London for a day out and an event with the University of Lincoln. We had a lovely time and you can read all about it in my OOTD and my post more specifically about the event. 

September was filled with lots of goodbyes. From friends, to my last day at work, it seemed like I was saying goodbye to someone new practically every day.

For the week (and a bit) before I moved, I ended up sorting out a load of life admin. Wild times to entertain you all. 

Then Freshers’ Week came around. Oh Freshers. Let’s just say I was expecting to go out maybe once or twice and ended up going out most nights. Oops. I didn’t just go out though. I ended up going paintballing, having a tour of the Newcastle BBC HQ and having a salsa class as well!

Best read?

I first read Here I Stand: Stories That Speak for Freedom, a collection of short stories written by a variety of authors and commissioned by Amnesty International. Each story revolves around an issue Amnesty is trying to change, particularly the many ways freedom can be infringed upon. The stories are heartbreaking, uplifting and heavy, but, as they are aimed at younger teenagers, are still accessible.

I then finished reading (after a long while) A Literature of Their Own: British Women Writers from Charlotte Bronte to Doris Lessing by Elaine Showalter. I found this book very interesting, and it definitely added significantly to my TBR list. However, I didn’t always agree with what Showalter said (as should be expected with any kind of literary criticism, I think). I found, at times, that she could be perhaps a tad essentialist and the range of authors she discussed not that diverse. 

I then read The Sound of Music Family Scrapbook, put together by the seven actors who played the Von Trapp children in the film. This is a must read for any fan of The Sound of Music (like I am), as it’s filled with behind-the-scenes pictures, documents, anecdotes and facts.

Next was Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell. I loved this book. It was fascinating. Since its publication in the 1930s, it has now naturally taken on a slight historical air, yet remains as relevant and present as ever. Orwell’s writing style is beautiful and to the point and I would recommend this short book to everyone. 

I have also read Comrade Corbyn: A Very Unlikely Coup by Rosa Prince. This is essentially a biography of Jeremy Corbyn, focusing primarily on the run up towards the 2015 leadership contest. I think Prince has remained quite neutral in this work and I have found it very interesting and useful, as I believe we should all try to find out a bit more about the personal context of our politicians to help us better understand the current political climate.

Favourite tunes?

Not going to lie, I’ve had the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before soundtrack on repeat. I find it’s good for so many situations: concentrating, having a bit of a dance on my one whilst doing the washing up, having in the background or simply walking to. My fave track on there is Human Right. It just makes me want to move!

Favourite watch?

SO MANY! AUTUMN TV IS BACK BABY! Upstart Crow, Bake Off, Strictly (and Doctor Who next week!), I am back in my favourite TV season. 

What did I learn?

Making friends is not really that difficult. I can go clubbing more often than I think. Salsa is SO fun! The list goes on.

What’s happening next month?

I begin my lectures properly next month, and I’m really looking forward to getting into a routine and learning new things again. 

It’s also my 19th birthday a couple of weeks in. Some vegan cake will be made and partying will be done. 

What’s been on my mind?

Trying to figure out how to do life on my own: everything from budgeting to figuring out what meals to have (even though I know so many recipes, I seem to have resorted to mostly pasta during freshers), organizing my life, making friends and when is the right time to do the laundry.

Favourite blogger/vlogger?

I have loved watching Hannah Witton’s moving videos – for some reason, there’s something kind of comforting about just watching people organize their stuff.

I also loved Leena Norms’ video, fat people don't belong in magazines. In it, she discusses Tess Holliday's recent Cosmo cover photo and the impact it has had. I thought it was very insightful and a useful tool to show anyone who has an issue with this cover existing. 

Favourite post?

I have to say my blog post with the University of Lincoln, don’t I? And for good reason. As my first sponsored blog post, it marks a big mile stone for me. I am so proud of how the post turned out and am so happy with the support it’s had. If you want to read it, click here

Biggest inspiration?

The excitement that comes with moving. New beginnings are so exciting – even if I do wish I had my cat with me.

Any other favourites?

Linda McCartney’s Hoisin Duck in stir fries. I loved a good stir fry before, but this is honestly a game changer. I had quite a few before I left for uni, but haven’t been able to find anywhere that sells it near my accommodation. Give me time, give me time…

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