Monday 8 January 2018

Goals for 2018

I love setting yearly goals, they really help motivate e for the year ahead and keep me moving and excited. Here’s my 2018 goals:

Get into uni

This is the main goal of 2018, and most of what I’ve been thinking about for the past few months. I finish my A-Level exams in mid-June and then I’ll know if I get in in August. I have a good offer from my dream uni and my ideal backup, so I have a clear set goal and plan. Let’s see how this goes.

Read 25 books

I completed my reading goals every year that I’ve set them and I would like to continue this. I’ve set my target a 25, which is 2 higher than last year. My plan is to read loads in the summer, with all the spare time I’ll have, and get through a load of my TBR then.

Do more direct campaigning on an issue I care about

For me, this would definitely be about period poverty. I have become a lot more aware of this issue in 2017 and it’s something I really believe can be changed, and should be changed soon. I was gutted I couldn’t go to the Free Period march in Decembe, and I know there is lots more I can do (apart from signing a petition here and there). So, I’m going to write more about the topic in my series, a Cup a Day, write to more people in power and promote the cause in other ways that I can’t quite think of right now but I’ll research.

Have a second draft of The Bookshop

I didn’t work on my novel at all last year because of my A-Level work (that’s the excuse I’ giving anyway), but this year, I hope to go through most, if not all of it. A full second draft is a bit of a stretch but I’m setting my goals high. Again, I’ll have a go this summer, see how far I get. I think it’s good that I’ve now got a bit of distance from my characters so I can go back to them with a bit more of an objective outlook.

Go vegan for at least a month

I’ve been veggie properly since September, and I think I’ve done well at it. With the goal of eventually going vegan, I’d like to properly give it a go for a little while. I think it would be a good thing to do, especially once I’ve away (hopefully at uni), and seeing as I know a fair amount about veganism, I think it would be achievable.

Write 50 blog posts

I published 86 posts in 2017, just shy of my 90 post target. However, I think that’s pretty respectable when I think of everything else I’ve been doing alongside my blog. With more happening in 2018 – particularly in the first half – I didn’t want to add more pressure to myself, so I thought that 50 posts (just shy of one a week) was manageable whilst also keeping me writing to my blog deadline.

Go on at least 4 trips with friends

I’ve got a few things planned already, so hopefully this one will be equaled, if not exceeded. I’ve got a really long summer where I will have no work to do, and I can’t wait. Watch this space.

Research more into fast fashion and ethical consumerism

Again, this is something I’ve looked a lot more into this year and want to understand better. I’m determined to research a wide variety of brands on how ethically they source their products (ie. are they Fairtrade or equivalent) and how they treat their workers and the environment across the board. This way I can tailor what I consume to fit that as best as possible.

What are your goals for 2018? Are they similar to mine? Let me know!

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