Monday 18 December 2017

London in 2017

London has become one of my favourite places this year. It has been up there for the past few years, but this year something’s been different. It’s been a sort of escape and a symbol of the future and hope for me. I feel like I’ve grown up there – despite that I’ve spent the significant minority of my time there. I see my ability to navigate the city comfortably on my own now, as a way of outlining my self –growth, and particularly my new found confidence as being in the world itself, I feel like I fit more and have a part to play – a part I can decide and form.

I want to change the world – as radically as possible, of course, but even if I only do something small that helps just one person, I will be happy. And for me, that will be realised and will happen in London.

London seems exciting to me – full of events, culture and people, as well as secrets and parts of myself ready to be discovered.

As I look back on this year, I think it has been the year of London, or at least, my true introduction to it. And along, with that, it has been the year of finding my purpose and imagining my future. I don’t want to spend all my time looking toward the future and not focusing in the now, but at the moment I just can’t help it. I am excited, and why shouldn’t I be? Things look a lot more exciting in the future and that provides me with motivation to get through my A Levels now to get where I want to be.

London has gone through a lot this year. Grenfell, terror attacks... but the resilience of its people provide some with hope. I am still angry that the Grenfell victims have not yet been rehoused. The government cannot ignore those who are suffering and need the support the government is there to provide – but it’s not. When is this going to happen when it should have happened immediately, or really before the disaster occurred?

London, see you next year.

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