Monday 16 October 2017

A Cup a Day Keeps the Tampon Away | New Series

50% of the population bleed monthly (on average, each of us is slightly different). That’s a fact. It’s just the way the female body works. So why shouldn’t we talk about it?

I’ve talked about periods on here before, but nowhere near as much as talk about them in real life. (Sorry not sorry to all the people who have to listen to me go on about it.) So, when I decided to get a menstrual cup (I’m so excited to use it!) I thought I’d make a series out of my experiences with it – taking some inspiration from Hannah Witton’s Hormone Diaries, which I would recommend everyone watch. It arrived last week (on my birthday no less!) so I’ve officially taken the plunge and put my money where my mouth is.

So, why did I get a menstrual cup?

In short, it’s the most ethical method of maintaining menstrual hygiene (with reasons that I’ll go in to more detail with later on in the series), and I thought why not. I’m not going to lie, the initial idea of using one does intimidate me a bit, but I know that if I can get the grip of it then it’ll be worth it.

I bought my cup from The Cup Effect. It’s a charity that works to provide menstrual cups to disadvantaged women across the globe in a way of ending period poverty as well as helping prevent further climate change. The type of cup they sell is the Ruby Cup. Having watched Leena Norms’ video (5 easy ways to improve 2017) where she discussed three different types of menstrual cup (the Mooncup, the Diva Cup and the Ruby Cup) and I was pleased to hear that she recommended the Ruby Cup as ideal for a beginner.

I have to admit that my cup does intimidate me, and I’m not sure how long it will take me to get it to work properly, but I’m determined to keep going with it until I have mastered the menstrual cup.

I’ll have another post up soon where I’ll discuss my first thoughts about the cup after I’ve used it. I have some exciting guest posts coming up as part of this series, so if you have any post ideas and want to get involved please let me know – I’d love to have as many people included as possible!

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