Friday 29 September 2017

September 2017 | Monthly Wrap Up

September has genuinely been non-stop, but I’m getting through.

Favourite part?

This month I feel like I haven’t stopped. I started at my new job, which I am loving, so that is great. I went on a weekend trip with my mum to two university open days: one in Newcastle and York. I absolutely fell in love with Newcastle and hope that I get accepted there.

Best read?

I haven’t read much this month, mostly due to the joys of A2 year (which has meant I've been re-reading A Streetcar Named Desire as I study it and the play is actually beginning to grow on me quite a lot). However, I did finish reading There Are More Beautiful Things than BeyoncĂ© by Morgan Parker and Feminism is for Everybody by bell hooks. I really need to actually read GB84 by David Peace as part of my EPQ, but I’ve got a bit of a reading block surrounding that book at the moment for some reason.

Favourite tunes?

Okay, how predictable can I be? The Anastasia soundtrack. Of course. I’ve had A Rumour in St. Petersburg stuck in my head constantly. Dammit, Dmitry.

Favourite watch?

My obsession with Game of Thrones has not stopped. That much should be very clear. I’ve also been watching Victoria (I still need to catch up on last week’s episode). I love this series a lot, maybe just for Jenna Coleman’s eyebrows. Bake Off came back at the end of August and I’ve been watching it just as much as I did before and am kind of ashamed to say that I like it. I just miss Mary. Prue’s annoying, let’s get rid of her and bring the nation’s grandma back. 


Ooh and Strictly is back. It's officially autumn now. 

What did I learn?

That I am actually ready to go to university. I can’t wait to go, it feels so odd to say that but it’s true. Also slightly terrifying, but true all the same.

What’s happening next month?

It’s my 18th birthday next month, which is a weird sentence to write. I’m also going to Glasgow for a university open day and then I’m doing some work experience in London, which I’m so excited for. Lots to look forward to!

What’s been on my mind?

The future and A Levels. I feel like that’s quite a common theme, but A Levels do tend to dominate. Going to the open days has made me so excited for the next stage in my life – let’s hurry up please (but also not hurry up because the future is TERRIFYING).

Favourite blogger/vlogger?

Can I just say the whole of Game of Thrones YouTube? But particularly The Batt Productions. I’ve watched most of his What If videos and theory explanations. They’re great to have on while I’m doing my makeup, I don’t know why that situation specifically but that’s where I normally end up watching them.


Favourite post?

I haven’t posted as much as I had planned because I didn’t write enough in time, although I would say that 5 Forgotten Women of History and Books I’ve Read This Summer have been my favourites. I really got into doing the research for the women of history post and managed to slip in some of the women I found through research for my History coursework.

Biggest inspiration?

Finally having a goal in sight. I know what grades I need and that target is so useful for motivation.

Any other favourites?

Dark chocolate. The addiction has not stopped.

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