Friday 21 April 2017

The Cats | A Poem

The cats on street corners grin at me
From the kerb,
Their slit-eyes piercing
My chest as I walk past, school bag slung
Over my right shoulder, swinging,
Swinging, with each step crunching
The chewed up pavement under
the rubber of my canvas shoes,
Announcing that yes,
I am here.

The cats’ heads turn like owls’, but
Instead of a hoot they howl out
To the world. In despair?
Or anger? Fear?
Teeth bared and fur pulsating with each
Standing over me as I walk.
I only walk.

But they never leave me, never gone,

Eyes on my back, never alone.


I hope you guys liked this! I haven't posted any of my poetry on here for a while so thought it would be nice to share something newer with you all.

Jemima x

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