Friday 14 April 2017

5 Reasons to Love the 2017 Beauty and the Beast

Having seen the first trailer for the new live-action Beauty and the Beast a while back and crying ever since, I saw the film the day after its UK release and the crying just got worse. It’s fair to say I’m obsessed and this film has just reminded me of my lifelong love for Beauty and the Beast.

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1. It’s more feminist!

Something that really struck me about the film was the way it was more feminist than the 1991 film. For a start, Belle is the inventor, not Maurice. She makes an early version of a washing machine so that she can spend more time reading then teaches another girl in the village to read in that spare time. Belle actively tries to escape the castle initially rather than lying on the floor and weeping. It’s things like that that really make me happy. 

(Believe me, it's not perfect, but it's an improvement.)

2. Character development!!!

One of my favourite things about the new version of Beauty and the Beast is the added development to basically all of the characters and consequently the relationships they have. I find this really evident in the main couple’s relationship in particular, as I feel you can see them growing closer more gradually. I also love how each character was given more of a back story, giving the audience better understanding of their actions and behaviour.

3. The new songs!

The new songs (also written by Alan Menken) are amazing. I honestly love them so much. There are 3: Days in the Sun, How Does a Moment Last Forever and Evermore. Each of these songs I find adds to the development of the characters and they are all so beautiful and in keeping with the already well-known and love songs from the animated film. Let’s be honest, an Alan Menken song is never going to be bad, is it?

4. Luke Evans and Josh Gad’s relationship

I have watched so many interviews with these guys and I just love them and their friendship, which I think translates really well onscreen. I love these two. They’re great.

5. The Enchantress

The Enchantress features a lot more heavily in the new version of the story, which I have to admit, I do really like. It gives it an added sense of supernatural control magic about it. In my opinion, it also highlights the redemption of the Beast in a more prominent way and shows how the same ideas applied to the Beast apply to the villagers also.

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