Friday 7 April 2017

5 Podcasts You Should Listen To

Recently, I’ve been getting really into podcasts, and I love them! They’re so nice to have on in the background whilst doing other things or just to lie in bed and listen to them solely.

1. Banging Book Club

The Banging Book Club is, as you probably guessed, a book club that reads books focused around sex, gender and all that jazz. I have to admit, I have only read one of the books on their list (The Vagina Monologues), but I still love listening to their episodes despite hardly ever having read the book (I do plan on reading them at some point). I became aware of the Banging Book Club as I was already a fan of the channels of the women who make it (Hannah Witton, Leena Norms and Lucy Moon, who I know I’ve all mentioned at varying points on this here blog before) and I do love just listening to them having a chat as I can guarantee I’ll have a good giggle at some point in every episode.


It’s no secret that I love politics. I am currently doing Government & Politics A Level and hope to do Politics as part of a Joint Honours at university and try desperately to keep up with current affairs, both domestically and internationally. This podcast is so useful for that. With a handful of hosts and guests (both irregular and regular) from across the globe, this podcast is essentially a collection of intelligent discussion on a range of political issues, from the state of the UK’s Labour party to the goings on in Turkey. Such a great listen for anyone who is interested in politics, especially as all of those speaking on here really know their stuff in regards to politics (either through study or having worked in politics, and probably both in most cases).

3. The Guilty Feminist

Oh, The Guilty Feminist, how I love you. Deborah and Sofie (who is no longer co-hosting but I still think she deserves mentioning in here) are wonderful. Every time I listen to an episode of the Guilty Feminist I probably cry with laughter and come away knowing that my feelings of being an inadequate feminist are shared by everyone and that it’s okay as long as we are all doing our best. I love listening these women (hosted by comedians, guest are often comedians) talking about issues I hadn’t even thought of in a feminist way and I love the challenges they all get up to each week. Just listen to it. Top quality feminist entertainment.

4. iTunes U

Okay, so this one isn’t one particular podcast, but I think it fits into one point nicely. I discovered this section of iTunes thanks to my friend Charlotte, and I can’t believe I wasn’t aware of it until recently! iTunes U is a collection of lectures from a range of top universities on a range of subjects. This is particularly useful for me at the moment as I am doing my A Levels and am preparing for university in the next few years. This a great way for any A Level student to carry out their wider research and learning, consolidating the content of the courses you are doing and I would recommend it to anyone!

5. Dan Snow’s HISTORY HIT

I first started listening to this podcast when looking for more podcasts relating to one of my A Level subjects, and this hits the spot nicely (pun not intended but now that I’ve seen it, I love it). You have probably at least heard of Dan Snow as the guy who pops up on the TV sometimes talking about history stuff, and this is basically the same thing, just with appearances from other historians you may know (Lucy Worsley, for example). I find it really useful with wider ‘reading’ for History, especially as he has covered some of the areas that are included in my course, s it’s great to get further information. Dan also tends to tailor some of his episodes around current events, recently doing an episode on Islam and the Tudors. I would really recommend this to anyone who loves history and wants to know more!

What podcasts would you recommend?

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