Friday 10 March 2017

5 Ways to Help People

We all want to be a nicer person, and I know that many of us want to help other people. I for one am always looking for small ways to help other people and I thought I’d share some ways that I’ve found to help others and be a bit better to other people.

1. Send people links to opportunities that might suit them

My friends and I do this quite often, and this particularly applies to creative people. There are always new competitions and opportunities out there, but those who they are most suited to may not be aware of them. Copy the link if you see it online, take a picture if you see a poster, then send it to a friend you know will value it. Remember this could be anything! From a club or society at college/uni/a public club, a class, job opportunity, competition.

2. Listen to people

If there is one thing that is undervalued, it is listening to someone. Sometimes, someone just needs to talk about something and I know that talking about a problem, feeling, etc., definitely makes it better, even if it doesn’t provide a solution. Make sure you listen to those who have different experiences than you and have less privilege. It is their voices who are getting drowned out and need to be heard most.

3. Put any coppers or spare change you have into charity boxes

In my college, there is usually one or two charity collection boxes next to the counter of a cafĂ©/food outlet, and you can often find them in many shops. As I pay for my hot chocolate, I’ll put the 1p change I was given into one of the pots and maybe add extra if I have any extra coppers. This way I can prevent my purse from getting overloaded with coppers I never use and help someone out at the same time. 1 and 2 pence build up over time so that a lot more money will be given if you put them in often.

4. Buy a small extra when doing your food shopping to put in the food bank

The item doesn’t have to cost much at all. You can put in as much or as little as you want, anything is useful.

5. Smile at a stranger

I know my day is always made a bit brighter when someone smiles at me, so I try to make an effort to smile at, at least, one stranger a day. It sounds trivial, but it may be the only time someone does so to that person that day.

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