Friday 10 February 2017

5 Youtube Channels You Need to Subscribe To

I love watching YouTube. I love discovering new people and their opinions, I love seeing others’ adventures and I love the discussion that is created on issues I didn’t even know I was passionate about. If you like YouTube too, hopefully, I can recommend some channels you’ll like!

1. Angela Innes

Angela is lovely. I love listening to her poetry (her voice is really relaxing as well!) and hearing her thoughts on a wide range of issues. Having been subscribed to her for a while I have seen her grow and that has been lovely to watch. Last December, she did vlogmas, and I have to say that I think it was one of my favourites! She covers such a wide variety of topics, I’m sure she has something for everyone on her channel! (Also, her makeup. I aim to have that eyeshadow skill.)

2. Jen Campbell

Jen is a writer, poet and bookseller. She mostly covers books, but also discusses writing and the whole industry surrounding them, which is particularly interesting and useful for someone like me, who wants to go into the book industry.

3. SuperSamStuff

Sam is a film student and he seems like such a genuinely nice, funny person. All his videos are well edited, produced, etc. and the issues he discusses are genuinely interesting. I can’t wait to see what Sam creates in the future.

4. Daniel J. Layton (Actor)

I love Dan. He’s great. He makes me laugh in practically every video. Also, whenever I read his name I hear Hazel Hayes saying it. I feel like I’ve watched Time of the Month and PMS too much – oops… I don’t feel like I can say much here, only that you should be watching his videos. Now! Go! (or wait until you’ve finished reading this post.)

5. Kim Chance

Kim makes videos centred around writing. She is an English teacher who also writes novels and shows her viewers how to improve their end product. I find Kim’s advice and methods very helpful, and they sometimes help with my English A Level course! If you’re a writer and want to learn more about your craft, definitely check Kim’s channel out.

(Bonus! 6. Lucy Moon. Just check her out, you’ll love her.)

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