Monday 26 December 2016

Did I Complete My 2016 Goals?

At the beginning of the year, I made a post setting out the all of the things I would try to complete by the end of this year. Doing so made me more determined to complete them, as I’d announced them to my readers and set them permanently. So, how did I do?

1. Get out of bed on time

Completed? I’d say so.

Overall, I think I’ve done quite well (bar the long summer I had). This has been more difficult since starting college, as I have to get up at 6 am every morning, but I haven’t missed the bus yet, so I’d say that was an achievement.

2. Finish my novel

Completed? Hell yeah!

On 25 November, I finished my first novel. It’s not very long (about 46,000 words), but it feels like the right length for the story and I knew it had to end there. I’m so proud of having finally completed this after having worked on it for about a year and a half and I am now at the beginning of the editing process. Hopefully, I can have a complete draft by this time next year.

3. Have at least 30 screen-free minutes before going to bed

Completed? Errr…

Nope. This hasn’t gone well. There have been odd days that I’ve done this, but I have to say those have been rare.

4. Experiment with more makeup looks

Completed? Yep

I bought the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette during my visit to Nice in February and have had a much wider range of eyeshadows to work with. I am now much more accomplished in that area and love creating different eyeshadow looks, especially with the added freedom I have being in college. I’ve also been using highlighter and trying my best at contour, although I haven’t quite mastered it yet.

5. Visit at least 2 museums

Completed? Definitely

This one I completed in the first 2 months of the year when I visited Nice. There, my friends and I went to 4 museums. When I was in Croatia with my family, we visited a war photography museum that focused on the conflict in Syria and the breakup of Yugoslavia. Then, I stayed in London with my nan for 4 days. I’m not sure how many of the places we visited you would call museums, but we went to Hampton Court Palace, Westminster Abbey, Shakespeare’s Globe and the Royal Albert Hall, where, for the majority of the time, we were taken on tours and given a hell of a lot of information.

6. Write every day

Completed? Mostly

I have written so much this year. From poetry, blog posts and a novel. This year has been a great year for writing and I’ve been taking more steps to become a more recognised writer, like entering my first poetry competition! I haven’t been able to write every day, but it’s nearly there.

7. Complete my GoodReads book challenge

Completed? Yes

I set my self the target of reading 20 books this year. That was a lot less than my 2015 target of 55 books, but I didn’t want to make myself stressed about a hobby when I had exams o worry about. As I’m writing, I have read 23 books and plan to read more over the Christmas holidays.

I have to say, I think I’ve done pretty well this year. Have you completed your goals?

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