Wednesday 16 November 2016

Write. | A Poem

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What’s the best way to write?
How do you do it?
“Simply put pen to paper,
it’ll all turn out all right.”
Do not worry about each stanza
The proper nouns and the abstract
Each clause or nomenclature,
Instead focus on the feeling your heart
Has, locked inside of it –
The one bursting to get out
Of its boney cage.
The words engraved onto your heart
That remain with you til’ they are
Crumbling in the city earth
And are nibbled by worms

Gnawed to pieces.

The words that linger on in the
Air around you
That you can never seem to get rid of
The flickering fly buzz buzz buzzing
Returning after your every attempt at swatting them

Write until your heart is broken
And torn to shreds
Your arteries flung at different ends of the room
Until you have bled yourself dry
And your veins have shrivelled up

Write until you can write no more
Til’ it tears you in two
And your halves will no longer attach
To one another;

Until the alveoli in your lungs
Stop bringing in oxygen
And you are left to scrawl
One last word
On the street you lie on
Keep writing
You must
Keep writing.
For if you don’t then
You will

Keep writing is my advice.

Keep writing.

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