Friday 11 November 2016

5 Reasons Why We Still Need Feminism

I often get asked (or hear/see other people getting asked) why feminism is relevant - or, at least, that’s implied. Here are 5 reasons why we need feminism. Believe me, there are many more.

1. The toys are split into two types: girls’ and boys’

Barbie dolls are targeted at girls while the boys are given cars. The girls get mini makeup sets and the boys get science sets. Boys get books on sports while girls are told how to look their best and what hairstyles they should be trying out.

2. In some countries, young girls become child brides

These girls marry men who are often three times their own age. They become mothers and seriously harm their bodies, which are not yet fully prepared for childbirth. Let them have freedom. Let them have a childhood.

3. We see blood, guts and gore in films but period blood is disgusting

Which is more commonly experienced: period blood or Brad Pitt being covered in blood in some blockbuster action movie? It’s literally no different (well, apart from some normal discharge and tissue), so why do we make such a fuss? Blood is blood. It’s a part of all of us so stop whining. 

4.  I don’t think there’s one girl I know who hasn’t been catcalled

(I mentioned this in my post Seeing Sexism.) 

I’m 17. Most of my friends are either 16 or 17. We’ve been catcalled when we’ve been a lot younger than we are now. It’s mostly by men who are older than us. It doesn’t feel great when walking down a road in your village, walking to a bus stop or to a music lesson being beeped\wolf-whistled/yelled at by men in random passing cars. It’s not a compliment. It’s objectifying and downright rude. 


5. We teach women how to prevent themselves getting raped, but don’t teach men not to rape women

If you don’t get raped, somebody else will. We shouldn’t have to have all the safety precautions that we all live by. Prevention isn’t a cure. We need to teach rapists not to rape, rather than women how not to get raped.

There are so many more reasons that I could have put on this list. Other reasons that regard to race, LGBT+ and everyone else on this planet who faces issues that are caused by a gender imbalance in the way we live.

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