Monday 10 October 2016

Me at 17

I’m currently in my fifth week of studying for my A-levels: History, English, Classical Civilisation and Government and Politics.

My favourite book is Pride and Prejudice by the wonderful Jane Austen, my favourite writer. So far, the only Austen novels I haven’t read are Mansfield Park and Northanger Abbey, even though I’ve already listened to an abridged audiobook of the latter. Obviously, Mr Darcy is my fave of course, though I still love Mr Knightley and the others.

TV wise, the shows I watch most are FRIENDS and Glee. The Great British Bake Off is currently running its last series at the BBC and in all honesty I can’t see it carrying on much longer after Channel 4 takes it up, considering it has lost the majority of its core team. Strictly has only restarted its 14th series 3 weeks ago – my addiction for the year restarting with it! Agent Carter is also a favourite of mine, although it was cancelled earlier this year after the release of its 2nd series. I don’t think I will ever forgive them!

My bedroom is a square room, with a long window which looks out onto the neighbours and the woods behind them. Stacked on the thick window ledge that lines the window is my DVD collection; a selection of charity-shop-bought romcoms and dramas. On one wall opposite is the desk on which I do all my homework and often use to write: my novel, blog posts, notes and plans – poems I tend to scribble in notebooks while I’m in bed. The nighttime is the best time for poetry. On the wall adjacent to my desk stands my wardrobe and my bookcase, which holds over 300 books after my last count. The wall next to my bookcase is covered in posters, postcards and pictures I’ve printed out from online and of my own taking. I feel like it’s kind of me chucked up onto the off-white paint.

My dirty washing basket is made up of battered white wickerwork that frays at the top and is lined with a dying old floral bag that clings to the basket despite its severed side. I don’t know why that was important to say, but somehow I felt it was.

I’m a bit of a skirt addict. I just love them. I have loads, from short and skimpy to long and flowing, I think they’re gorgeous and where one most days.

Social media wise, I’m kind of addicted to Pinterest and Twitter. I have so many boards on Pinterest but don’t care – it’s a great way to find new ways to be creative, find new creative people and be inspired!

I live with my parents, my brother and my cat in South England. I do Pilates on a Wednesday evening with my mum and often go to parkrun on a Saturday morning with my dad.

I love Victoria sponge cake, pickled onion Monster Munch and Honey Cheerios and will choose profiteroles over any other dessert 93% of the time.

I’m obsessed with ABBA and have their music playing most of the time. I find ABBA More Gold is actually a great album to work to, I don’t know why but the songs actually help me focus as well as singing along when I’m not working. I am now officially a Dancing Queen as well as I am now OnLYYY SEVenTEEEEEEEEENNN!!!! I also am in love with the album Rumours by Fleetwood Mac and keep telling myself that I need to listen to more of their music as Rumours sped straight to my all-time favourites list after a sunny afternoon spent listening to it in a paddling pool. Also, McFly. MCFLY.

Here’s how I do my hair and makeup:

(I got my hair cut two days ago and I LOVE it! It was a lot longer before this and I much prefer it now, although you can bet I'll be pining for long hair again in a matter of weeks.)

(There are loads of variations of these - particularly with eyeshadow and lipstick!)

These are the products I use:

Here’s my current lipstick collection:

I wear a silver locket most days, which is too small to hold anything decent. I did consider filling it with sand from a beach in Wales once, but then realized that all of it would fall out as soon as I opened the locket (I have an annoying habit of opening and closing it incessantly) which would only result in me getting a load of irritating grains of sand down my bra. If I’m not wearing my locket, I’m probably wearing the red beads that belonged to my great-nan. They’re of no actual value but are priceless sentimentally and I love how cute they are! Last Thursday I bought this fancy black choker which I've been loving so much in the four days I've had it!

Speaking of annoying habits: I plait and fiddle with my hair absent-mindedly, which probably isn’t the best for its health. I also tend to fiddle with my toes when I’m lying down, pick at my fingernails often and don’t play my violin as much as I should.

I hardly ever paint my fingernails – it takes up so much time and it always ends up in tatters as I can never be bothered to remove it properly. I still have my earlobes pierced, however, I always forget to actually wear earrings. I need to start doing that more often as I have so many pairs!

On my toast, I usually have Marmite, while I pile Nutella on my crumpets. I take my tea reasonably strong: milk, no sugar. I enjoy fruity ciders and Apple and Raspberry J20, if not, a glass of cold water will normally suffice.

On YouTube, I watch all the Fletchers, as well as Dodie Clark and Hannah Witton (those are my favourites I’d say). I look out for all of Hazel Hayes’ Time of the Month series and am subscribed to lots of smaller YouTubers that I LOVE. Just watching bigger names can get a bit boring sometimes.

This is me. At 17.

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