Monday 18 July 2016

11 Problems Every Welsh Person Living in England Will Recognise

So, if you’ve read my blog previously, you will know that I moved to England from Wales. I know that there are lots of people in the same situation as me and I think that some of the experiences I have had probably apply to most of those people as well.

1. Having to describe where you’re from in relation to how close it is from Cardiff

First of all, no I did not live in Cardiff and I did not live in the Valleys. I had to travel 2 hours in the car if I wanted to go to Cardiff. It’s really nowhere near.

2. People being shocked when they discover you’re Welsh but don’t have a Valleys accent

There are countless different accents in Wales. We’re not all Stella.

3. Then being asked to repeat words that show your accent

My accent is a lot more subtle than people would think and really only shows up here and there, particularly with certain words. Once people have discovered which words I say differently to them, I know I’ll be asked to repeat them til the end of time. Thank you guys, thank you.

4. Oh, the sheep jokes

We all know what I’m on about here. The stereotype becomes a constant joke with just about everyone once you’re in England.

5. Hearing people try to pronounce a Welsh word and failing miserably 

Cymru is not said kimroo. Ll does not equal L and Dd does not equal D. Little tricks that will help you annoy fewer Welsh people. But it’s nice to know you’re trying.

6. People not knowing what welsh cakes are

It truly shocked me when I found out that some of my friends didn’t know what welsh cakes were, let alone eaten them. I was horrified and soon rectified this tragedy. Many of my English friends have now seen and eaten a welsh cake (while I’ve been scoffing them in the corner). My mission is complete. 

7. When people ask you if Wales is a county or a country

PEOPLE! Are you serious?!!!?

8. Being asked if you speak fluent Welsh

Sadly that's not one of my talents. I've forgotten most of the Welsh I'd learned in my roughly 12 years in Welsh education since I moved. I can sing you Happy Birthday if you want, though.

9. Then there’s the matter of the Union flag being called the “English flag”

Um no. No no no.

10. Having to travel a long way when visiting friends and family who still live in Wales

As I’m writing this I’m on a 5 and a half hour train journey going to visit my Welsh friends. If I was going with my family it would take about 4 hours in the car. But then again it can be quite relaxing; the seat I’m in right now is very comfortable. 

Oh, but I haven’t mentioned the bridge toll if I was travelling by car. When did that get so expensive?!

11. St. David’s Day here is a bore. 

I just end up eating a load of homemade welsh cakes by myself and wearing my daffodil headband. How patriotic. Plus everyone else is completely oblivious to the significance of the day. 

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