Friday 22 July 2016

5 Ways to Relax This Weekend

Since my exams have finished, I’ve had no sort of pressure on me, which has been great! It’s allowed me to relax a lot, whether by a method I have sworn by for years or have recently discovered. I thought I’d share these with you!

1. Have a long bath

Oldest relaxation tip in the book right? There’s a reason for that. Run yourself a warm bath, maybe with some candles around it and a bath bomb. I like to watch a history documentary when I’m in the bath but then again that’s probably just me being a complete nerd. I’m also one of the dangerous people who drink tea in the bath; I haven’t spilt any tea yet but I don’t think it can be that  long.


2. Playing an instrument

This will only work for specific people, but if you have an interest in it then go for it! As I think I’ve mentioned before, I play the violin and it helps me a lot. If I’m feeling a little overwhelmed I’ll get out my violin and play some of my most loved pieces. 


During the exam season, however, I started to teach myself to play the piano. Whenever I got bored or fed up with revision, I’d take to the piano and try to perfect the easy pieces I’d discovered in the back of a cupboard somewhere. My family may not have appreciated hearing the same 3 pieces over and over and again, but I genuinely found that it helped me forget about exam stress and wind down in the evening.

3. Take advantage of the summer weather!

As the UK is experiencing a bit of a heatwave right now, why not go outside? Take a book into the garden and sunbathe. Go for a walk somewhere - discover a new place near you. Give yourself some time out to think. 

4. Or stay inside and have a lazy day

Catch up on (or rewatch) your favourite TV show in your pyjamas with a blanket and some cereal. Find reruns of a hilariously bad old show or a classic like FRIENDS. Binge-watch some films. If you write, write. Do something creative. All of these can also be used when applied to step 3 too.

5. Find a friend and just talk.

FaceTime an old friend you haven’t seen in ages or someone you’ve seen that day and talk things over. Time with friends always relaxes me, no matter what the conversation topic.

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