Friday 11 March 2016

5 Sources of Inspiration To Get You Out of a Rut

Inspiration is one of the things that I find myself thinking about most frequently. So many things inspire me in different ways and they come in a really broad range. When there are times that I feel my inspiration has dried up then these are where I usually turn to to rectify that.

1. Coffee shops!

Coffee shops and tea rooms are some of the best places in the world to people watch. We humans come from all different walks of life, yet we all (most of us anyway) seem to go to coffee shops. There’ll like a hub for us and overheard conversations are basically what you’re agreeing to when you sit down. When I’m in coffee shops I’m usually either reading, working, writing or people watching and the main ones out of those are probably working and people watching. Character ideas and a ton of ideas flood my brain - ugh it’s so good!

Also there’s a great vibe to coffee shops. I love the hum of conversations and the sounds of drinks being made. I just can’t get enough of it!

sidenote: try not to look like a creep when people watching. 

2. Film Soundtracks

I LOVE film scores! Genuinely, if I love a film I’ll normally end up searching for the soundtrack on YouTube and listening to it non-stop. I also love soundtracks that aren’t just scores as well. I’ve recently been obsessed with the 500 Days of Summer soundtracks, and that’s mostly actual songs, and I love the About Time soundtrack, which is also mostly actual songs. 

Soundtracks are also great ways to discover new artists and composers. If there are any particular tracks that I love then I’ll normally look up the artist/composer on YouTube or iTunes and have a look at some of their other stuff, which has usually turned out to be great.

I often use this Buzzed article for soundtracks and other pieces of music (there’s wide range from songs to classical music as well).

3. Walks

Walks are a god-send. Whenever I’m stressed or feel a little empty inside I find that a walk can cure everything! Also, what’s better for provoking new ideas than landscapes and seeing nature in action truly inspires me. It sets my mind racing and I can’t describe how or why.

4. YouTube!

Once you look past the massive YouTubers that are known to everyone, there’s a community of smaller YouTubers who are really amazing. Some people who talk about topics that they’re obvs passionate about and have a love for and others who are really creative and lovely to listen to. I’ve lately found lots of smaller YouTuber who are great! If you want to start looking at smaller YouTuers I suggest you watch this person, this person and also this person. Look for videos entitled ‘My Favourite YouTubers’ or something along those lines. Search up videos about your interests to find people who share them. It’s really about discovery. 

5. Sitting down and creating

If I’m really stuck, I will force myself to write. I will just write and get words down on a page or Word document - even if they’re no good. By creating bad stuff something half decent will inevitably come along. Create something and you will get somewhere.


Also go over to my friend Anna's blog, A Fabulous Feminist, where she talked about inspiration as well today!

Jemima x

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