Monday 29 February 2016

February 2016 | Monthly Wrap Up

February: a month that has been one massive bubble of happiness, fun and friends.

Favourite part?

West Side Story was incredible and the Nice trip was unforgettable. This month has memories that will last a lifetime. 

Best read?

This month I’ve read Emma by Alexander McCall Smith, which is a modern retelling of Jane Austen’s classic. Loved it, loved it, loved it. It added extra depth to the characters and made me rethink different aspects of one of my favourite novels.

Favourite tunes?

The West Side Story soundtrack. I’ve been singing it almost constantly even after the show had finished and I can’t get it out of my mind.

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What did I learn?

That I’m better at French than I thought and that the French Riviera is the most amazing place!

What’s happening next month?

I’m not actually sure. a hell of a lot of revision, that’s for sure.

What’s been on my mind?

French and music for certain. Becoming a better person in myself and living in the moment more than I do.

Favourite blogger/vlogger?

Anna of has been posting more on her blog and her content has been great! Also thisbedottie has been uploading more, which is always a great thing as I love her channel! Also congrats to the Fletchers - the arrival of Buddy Bob Fletcher and Carrie cutting off her hair and going over and above her initial fundraiser goal!

Favourite post?

I love How to Paint the World. It was really spontaneously written and I'm really proud of it. I also like West Side Story and Nice as they document the main parts of this month. (Sorry if I’ve mentioned these a lot. Oops…)

Biggest inspiration?

Hearing locals speaking French and seeing the amount of effort everyone put into the West Side Story production. I am now determined to become fluent in French at some point in my life! 

Any other favourites?

My Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette that I bought while in Nice. It’s so beautiful!! Also Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I knew the film was going to be absolute Marmite for me and it was: I loved it! I could go on for a while, but to spare you that I wrote a review of it. And turtlenecks have been a bit of an obsession of mine this month. I've bought about 5! I needed new clothes anyway... That's my excuse.

(Also happy leap year, day, thing!)

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