Monday 11 January 2016

To The Lost Girl by the lipstick stained gum | A Poem

Lipstick stained gum is all I see,
Stuck to tiles in front of your feet; 
Before those boots that shiver so,
And jeans that have been ripped to and fro.
A smudge of blush upon your cheek,
A lone light among a complexion so bleak.
The winter does you no good, my dear,
I see it in your eyes, You fear
The odd time inevitably come,
Where your brain turns dumb
And your soul grows dim,
So that there is no more light left within
That pretty little person I love so well,
Who stands where the lipstick stained gum fell.
You fear, my love, I know you fear
That that day should draw near.
You brace yourself - you’re ready.
As if it has arrived already.
That day when you shall be gone - 
The human star that shone
So bright among us all.
You eclipsed us, my love,
Like the Sun would hide the Moon up above;
Yes, we were dark and there all the while,
But you were the Nile
Just as we were the Egyptians surrounding - 
Depending on the life you always brought around.
You have no reason to fear, my girl,
I do not consider you to have unfurled.
For to me you are, and shall always be,
The one who gave happiness to me.


I haven't posted a lot of poetry before. In fact, this is the third poem ever to go up on my blog. I would really love it if I could get some constructive criticism on my work as I really want to improve my poetry writing. Hope you all enjoyed!

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