Friday 1 January 2016

5 Blogging Goals for 2016

So, 2016. It's here and has the potential to be a great year for both me and my blog. So I’ve set myself 5 blogging goals to accomplish by 2017.

1. Double my Bloglovin’ followers!

I currently have 27 followers on Bloglovin’. Now, I don’t think that gaining another 27 in 2016 sounds too ridiculous. In fact I think it's rather achievable, seeing as I managed to gain that amount of  followers in roughly 7 months.  So hopefully I'll have 54 followers by this time next year!

If you wish to follow me on Bloglovin’ you can follow me here!

(Also thank you to everyone who follows me already. It's a great feeling knowing that real people are interested in my blog!)

2. Improve the quality of my photography and editing.

I need to take better pictures. I want to be able to use the best pictures as possible on my blog. It’ll make all my posts look so much more finished and rounded. I’ll still only be using my iPhone 4S camera or my small digital camera, but with an improved editing and some spring and summer lighting the results shouldn’t be too bad.

3. Hit 20,000 views

This one’s a little bit more out there. So far my blog has had 7, 371 views. Only 12, 629  views away from my goal! Another 12 months and I could have completed this goal! I just need to ensure that the quality of my content is high and I mingle more with my fellow bloggers.

4. Do another collab!

Earlier this year I did a collaboration post with Katie, from Katieswaytobehappy. We constructed two posts together, and I must say I’m rather proud of them (Click here and here to view our collabs!). I hope to do another collab with Katie or another blogger.

5. Lengthen my header

It’s not quite right for me at the moment and I want to change it - not drastically but a little bit.

I hope you all have a great year!

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