Monday 28 December 2015

I Wish Life Were a Musical

I wish life were a musical. I wish I could express each and every emotion I possess through the medium of song. To let a whole audience know of my feelings. People can learn much of a character, I think, from the lyrics they sing and the way in which they sing them.

I wish that there weren’t dull moments in life. We would always be on stage - always something to do and say. We never seem to go off stage though. We constantly have an audience, even if that may only be our own, uninterested, consciences.

We don’t seem to notice the extras in our lives, when they enhance our live’s show enormously. They deserve much more credit than they are given, and we should try as hard as we can to rectify that.

“Why can’t we make life a musical?” I ask myself as I write. But I have come to the realisation that it is. Granted, we may not take part in elaborate and outspoken group dane numbers, but we will (and do) perform to ourselves in the shower or other times when we are on our own - when getting dressed, perhaps, or when drying our hair. Our lives do not always have an enthralling plot, but we can have an enjoyable one, at least. Even if those enjoyable moments are short and seemingly insignificant. Those times in which we dance with friends, or sing with siblings until our lungs are dry from air; dramatic scenes that cause an onlooker to turn their head and gape.

No, I am sure, our lives are, indeed, musicals. From when we first enter centre stage tis when we exit it all those years after.

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