Wednesday 28 October 2015

My Imagination Land

We spend a lot of our time daydreaming- imagining what could be. We easily drift off into another world. A world where everything is better; our lives are sorted and ideal. 

But maybe that’s the problem.

Perhaps we spend too long in our own little lands of make-believe. Sometimes we can be engrossed in our daydreams for so long that our idealised paradises become our daily norm. And then, by the time we awaken into reality, we crash down with an unwelcome jolt. It’s frankly a shock to the system.

I feel like I have been falling into that trap lately. Wandering away into the land of "what-if"s and "could-be"s, when I should be focusing on the here and now. Looking forwards to the future - to my future. I should be working to ensure my future is filled with happiness, not daydreaming about how good it could be if one thing would happen and magically make everything fall into place.

Sometimes I need to give myself a wake up call - kick myself up the bum and get the cogs of my brain into motion. Get myself out of that daze and into the crystal clear world of reality.

Yes, I may be young and dependent now,  but in a few short years I’ll be out in the world on my own. And I cannot daydream constantly then.

Yes, you could say that daydreaming is part of a writer’s job description, but the amount of time I spend in my imagination can sometimes rival that of the time I spend in actual life.

I find my mind slipping away, off into a new world or the life of a new character, when I have just opened up my computer to finish an essay. If I’m not too careful I will become a permanent resident of my imagination, unable to focus on anything real or tangible. 

Of course, that doesn’t sound all that bad to me. I would much rather live in the land of make-believe and fantasy than the work filled, serious one we inhabit in reality.

Some of the best ideas can sprout from a minute spent in my imagination. Anything seems possible when limits aren’t pressing down on me from every angle. I am limitless and free. The term ‘impossible’, is impossible.

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