Wednesday 12 August 2015

That Positive Little Corner of Instagram

Social media isn’t known for its happy attitude and loving nature. That’s a fact I think we’re all aware of. Twitter is almost famous for its aggressive nature, with new celebrity fights and spats developing nearly every day and people are constantly putting up negative images and statuses. It’s so incredibly easy for people to get caught up in all that negativity and then get down on themselves for know reason.

But I have found some hope.

I have found this little corner of Instagram that is completely dedicated to happiness and self-love. And you know what? I can’t think of anything that warms my heart more than others spending their days posting multiple pictures a day, just to make their followers smile and feel better about themselves.

When social media has such a reputation for negativity it can be hard for accounts like these to get noticed and for their voices to get heard. But somehow (probably when looking for writing inspiration) I, and many others, have stumbled upon these accounts. As you guys already know, I am a huge advocate for promoting positivity and believe that it is the key to, well, anything really.

I suppose that the whole point of this post was to just make more people aware of these accounts and to let you know that if you ever feel sad, unconfident or just a bit helpless, you can search for these happy accounts and I guarantee you that they will lift your mood. If you follow me already then I’m sure you’ve seen me liking their pictures or following them. And if you just don’t know where to start finding these accounts then check Fridays post, where I’ll be showing you guys a list of my top 5 positivity Instagram accounts!

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