Wednesday 5 August 2015

Summer Reading Slump

I said in one of my previous posts that summer is the prime time to catch up on reading, as those of us who are now on our summer holidays have a lot of free time to use up (to read that post click here). Sadly this has not been the case for me so far. Ever since reading two books that, to me, were rather tedious, I have been in the seemingly inescapable black pit that is a reading slump (Those books were The City of Bones by Cassandra Clare and Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey. Sorry if you really liked them...).

Yes, the reading slump hit me hard and fast, and for weeks I have been fighting to overcome it. The relief I felt when I finally finished the books that I consider to be the culprits for this dip in my reading habits, well, it was fantastic. I returned the first to my friend and the leant the second, and now I can get on with reading some better books. ‘Cause that’s the good thing about reading bad books isn’t it? To make you appreciate the goods and the greats even more. We are bound to come across mediocre books sometimes and just because they have slowed us down reading wise, doesn’t mean should let them drag us down completely. Sometimes books can be extremely well written, yet are read tantalisingly slow – as was the case with one of my reads. And if the book isn’t very well written, then take inspiration from that and tell yourself that you can do better. If you’re a young writer like me, then this can do wonders to your writing confidence when it may have been lacking a bit before.

This reading slump has left me feeling a bit helpless, but mostly irritated; discovering new books and their tales is something I am very passionate about and that, really, I consider to be a huge part of me as a person, and it’s frustrating to be reading so slowly. But I guess I just have to plough on and continue to read, hoping that the books to come will be better.

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